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English to Kler'naktha Dictionary

(While I format this properly, I can send you an rtf version of this file that is actually readable.)  

Reptile Folk Linguistic Notes

  They do not use the following letters: B, C, F, J, M, P, Q, V, W, X. They do have a few extra: ""ghh"" which is a throat-scraping sound (sounds like someone clearing their throat "glh", which is a glottal sound (sounds like "gluh", but made in the back of the throat, with the "u" barely pronounced and "t'h", which is pronounced like a very distinct "t".   Linguistic rules:   Descriptive words go in front of the word they modify; there is no limit on the number of modifying words.   The modifiers are attached to the described word, separated by apostrophes. Example: "strikes deep" is translated as "ss'karl'knthrir", which, literally, is "deepstrike".   Negations are also connected to the word they modify, but trailing the modified word.   Possessives go just in front of the word they modify.   Pluralities are expressed by adding "-sa" to the end of the word.   The apostrophe is pronounced as an extremely short "i", if at all.  

Vocabulary: English —> Kler’naktha

English Kler'naktha
a luh
a hydra; military officer taargha
acrobatics raal'dha
aide/assistant sera
Air Lord Thala Kallak
alive ohelik
all s'thnaar
always (past actions) nanglho
always/forever (future actions) nant'ha
an excellent area for hunting hel
anarchy (lit. chaos-living-place) nehghh'suhka'rokar
and seth
architect sarka'ohanik'ha
armor ronar
army naythsa
auxiliary (a line unit) ekkr
axe nal
English Kler'naktha
back ohan
bad ikkerl
bane seritak
barbarian (lit. not-civilized) ghh'non
baron kalleen
baronet kaltha
battle (lit., small-war) glhan'erhat'ka
because slak'd
Beginner of Life Chaghh'ke od'n Kral
beginning/start orne
between dassik
beverage (pureed meat, wine, and honey, served hot) klaak'n
beyond zahn
big/large drekr
birth home sarokaa
black k'tant
blood tskaa
blue s'slrg
body nlan
book naraglh
brain ultrch
bringer sethke'ha
brown gherro
building rishtik
but hakto
by ah
English Kler'naktha
cactus, barrel nohsh'ka
cactus, edible (prickly pear) rakaden
cactus, non-spiny (no-poke) kosh'non
cactus, saguaro shahsh
cactus, spiny (lit., poke-pain) kosh'urrch
Caller of Thunder Orna'ke od'n Sokaaghh
castle (lit. big-strong-building) drekr'nerag'rishtik
ceiling nera
chaos nehghh
Chooser of Mischief Ch'tan'ke od'n Chut
Chooser of the Slain Ch'tan'ke od'n d'g Charaha
civilization/urban ghh
clan zok'h
claws lhakshi
clutch (of eggs) k'yaltn
cold kor'ss
color ghr
cool (lit., "less-cold") traal'kor'ss
count (rank/title) kallen
crap, feces ghek
creator chach'ke
crest ratak
crossbow kulka
cut/wound sralt'h
English Kler'naktha
Dark One Sk'tan'kerghh
Darkbane Sk'tan'seritak
darkness sk'tan
day na'kt'h
dead chath
death gralt'h
Deathbringer Gralt'h'sethke'ha
deep ss'karl
deity darrh
denotes future tense 'lon
denotes past tense of a verb (-ed) glho
denotes precedence chayth
denotes present tense (-ing) 'nok
door chat
dragon; military officer raan
dream enthr
duke kallek
Dwarf (lit., low-worker) nokar'l'nikha
English Kler'naktha
ear nahar
Earth Warden Tl'kn Oglhn'ke'kallak
earth/land tl'kn
east ksra
Eater of Souls K'rgnnch od'n L'atha
egg yaltn
eight grer
Elf ghhrelt'h
empty unghla
end thalgren
enemy thassa
evil rhat'k
eye ishn
English Kler'naktha
false loduk
family nerish
fast dokar
fate charr
Fatefixer Charr'ogrek'ha
fewest/least traal'chayth
field/space glhaas
fifth dal'ye'chayth
fifty haalnor
fin raysad
fire alka
Firelord Kallak'alka
first inn'chayth
fish ssorka
five dal'ye
fixer ogrek'ha
flash flood cheghh
flood (lit., "slow flood") holnor'cheghh
flux/change chelk
Fluxwatcher Chelk'oglhn'ke
food animal aask
food dish (blood stew) n'ktikorak
food dish (poultry) seenak
food dish (spicy noodles, etc.) taaghhk
food dish (squid with garlic) nah'kal'nari
fool kehk
foolish kehkt'h
foot kaalnor
for raysar
fortification (lit. "strong building") nerag'rishtik
forty nat'h
four hal
fourth hal'chayth
front oss
future dakk
English Kler'naktha
giant haal'nar
glory dosar
Goblin nekigi
gold r'ro
good (as in excellence) nharihti
good (opposite of evil) zatektl
grass chet
great otkal
Great Architect Otkal'sarka'ohanik'ha
Great Mother Otkal'aassi
greed odrak
green krou
group tohk
English Kler'naktha
hand (of a non-clawed race) lhakshi'non'lhakshi
hard tahk
hatchling/baby chral
he/him kerghh
head nol'dha
headache (lit., "brain-pain") ultrch'urrch
heart i'ann
here neeth
hers kera
high (as in height or altitude) kol
his kerghha
home sarka
horn cho
horse aythya
hot ka'ss
hour ogrin
how lent'h
Human dal'yha
hunting k'glhakshi
English Kler'naktha
I ne
ice glhel
Illuminator Ssoreh'ke
in seya
injustice (lit. "justice-not") ch'taagh'non
intelligent, smart genth
irgaak (a nasty sword) r'rghaahk
it (person) ke
it (thing) nira
it's (person) kir
English Kler'naktha
justice ch'taagh
English Kler'naktha
keeper g'rrh'ke
killed/slain charaha
killer ghhraha'ke
kin narish
kin by blood tskaa'narish
knife sehk
knight kal
English Kler'naktha
lake (lit., big-water) drekr'sl'ssi
last thalgren'chayth
Last Embracer Thalgren'chayth Ossnal'ke
law (legalities) tuhkta
law (order) sereh
lawyer tuhkta'l'nikha
least/fewest (lit., "less-[precedence]") traal'chayth
less traal
life kral
Lifebringer Kral'sethke'ha
light (illumination) ssorek
Lightbringer Ssorek'sethke'ha
lightning sskazhrakh
line krrssh
long k'tarl
Lord of Greed Kallak od'n Odrak
Lord of Striving Kallak od'n Klanth'nok
Lord of the Four/Lord of the Tetrad Kallak od'n d'g Hal
lord/chief/king kallak
low (as in height or altitude) nokar
      mace lek magic tal male (usually part of a name) rghh marquess kalnar master kelkt'h Master of Blood Kelkt'h od'n Tskaa mate/spouse zhorak'n may gnnth me nal'ye medic, or torturer sralt'h'l'nikha medium/average sero merchant (lit. "trade-worker") neriss'l'nikha mind naraghh mine (possessive) rho'haa minute ch'tok mischief chut mistake/error chaas Mistress of Love Ssaal'ke od'n Ssaal mobile (a line unit) yrrgh month chuth more yrkn mortar tehargh most yrkn'chayth most (lit., "more-[precedence]") yrkn'chayth mother aassi Mother of All Eggs Aassi od'n S'thnaar Yaltnsa mountain grarl mute (lit. "speaks-not") klant'h'non
Mute One/She Who Speaks Not Klant'h'non'ker
myth (lit. "sacred-story") zralk'h'suktaghh   net tuhkat never raktak nine hil nomad/rural aahk nor ot north dhro nose/snout nithargh nostril nitharr not non nothing noltha now/present snnthr   ocean (lit., big-salt-water) drekr'knath'sl'ssi of od'n on kron one inn one hundred krita one thousand krilta only chrak or rakt orange kaski pain urrch paint (lit., "body-not paint") nlan'non'slada paper (lit. "wood-sheet") keech'sara parents takkonen partition (lit. "weak-wall") seri'nehk't past yenkan people kler'nakthasa person kler'naktha pick/spike kinth place rokar plains, dry ch'taaghh plains, not dry rakala plant tahar plate stoka poetry (lit. rhyme-story) donar'suktaghh possibility (lit. "possible-thing") ohek'laas possible ohek power risht'h prayer l'kthys prey (lit., hunted-one) k'glhakshi'inn primary (a line unit) trhkrgh probability (lit. probable-thing) chek'laas probable chek psionics (lit. mind-powers) naraghh'risht'hsa quiet/silent zhiss red skaha religion/philosophy zralk'h'tiharsa revenge kehktaa river ekssi rock, heated ch'tag rock/stone tethar roof kuk't'h run anhk sacred zralk'h salt knath sand naka sand dune, shifting sorasak sand dune, stable chush't scale paint slada scales (as in those of an animal) nhaha Sea Mother Drekr'knath'sl'ssi'aassi seaweed t'kul second (precedence) thek'chayth second (time unit) orn serf kuhkta seven gralth shadow holnar she/her ker sheet sara shelter, rock tethlan shield sareh shifter ogran'ke sibling neharr silver l'rraah singer (lit. song-weaver) rish'kaa six kull sixty haass skill satha sky/air thala slave nukkt slinger t'ksha'ke slow holnor small glhan so that thrgr solid glhek song rish south ethrhk spear kehktaghh speech/language skaar't spell (lit., cast-magic) ghhrek'tal spine (vertebra) lok'h spine/quill/spike rayruhn spirit l'atha staff (aides) serasa staff/pole tuhktaghh storm ch'chaghh Stormbringer Ch'chaghh'sethke'ha story/tale suktaghh storyteller (lit. tale-talker) suktaghh'klant'h'ke streambed, dry chrachan striving klanth'nok strong nerag sword (in general) suhkta tableware (not found in Skaar't'aahk) soka tail att'k tail blade at'nal tail mace at'lek tail spike at'kinth tattoo (more like scale engraving) hakton ten hralt'h the d'g the kick-tailstrike maneuver rosar'gralt'h the movement of grass in the wind rushkahlshush The People (Reptilefolk) D'g'kler'nakthasa the sex act/copulation ssaalssi there glhat these ghud thing laas third arhk'chayth thirty hana this krer those ghudhn thought tihar three arhk thunder sokaaghh Thunderclaw, a martial arts form sokaaghh'lhakshi time sarho time of day to rest in desert (midday) ch'taa time of day to sleep (night or cold time) chaag time to travel in desert (evening) resar time to travel in desert (morning) resan timer tekh'ha Timeshifter Sarho'ogran'ke to seen to affix/attach chayt'h to attack sakran to attend rehkit to be arrghi to be able ukatuk to begin/start chaghht'h to bite/eat k'rgnnch to block kil to break ch'taagk to breathe rehar to bring sethke to build ohanik to burn sarkho to call orna to cast ghhrek to choose ch'tan to climb/change altitude slad to climb/change rank or position rarn to close/shut nokerr to create chach to cry/weep ch'tak to cut/wound srelt'h to defend chush to destroy with malice kulsh to disembowel slaak to dodge konar to draw (a picture) chatak to dream rasar to drench hakthr'ssi to drink gl'lp to dry ch'taglh to embrace/hug ossnal to end/cease/stop thagrek to fall haktaarr to find retar to fix ogrek to fly (involuntarily; usually ballistic) kulak to fly (under one's own power) kulikan to forget (lit., remember-not) tayth'non to freeze rakad to give raltha to go thok to greet lak to hatch ossek to have ornal to heal rohkt to hear nahargh to illuminate/light up ssoreh to jump/leap rayk to keep g'rrh to kick (lit., foot-strike) kaalnor'knthrir to kill ghhraha to know uarna to lie down chi to list chran to live suhka to love, or love itself ssaal to make/change/bend/warp laak to make/create chat'h to miss keenthr to open kel to paint orrhe to parry killen to part (say goodbye) ch'ton to play otnal to poke kosh to protect hakte to put on makeup or scale paint orr'h to put on tattoos orrna to read chagrek to recover/recuperate sora to remember tayth to rest cha to rhyme, or the rhyme itself donar to run sorsa to rush, hurry stosha to save rihtk to shift ogran to shoot (similar to fly ballistic) kul'tek to shout rayn to show lekk to slash dol'yha to sleep zhass to sling/throw t'kshaa to spend saka to spin/twist/rotate rosar to stand ith'kaa to strike/hit knthrir to strive klanth to swim tr'kll to talk/say/tell/speak klant'h to tear (cut raggedly/pull apart) chraach to think tihargh to throw (same as fly ballistic) kulak to tilt ch'tal to time tekh to trade/transact neriss to transform/shapeshift chan to use lokan to wait zek to walk eethn'r to watch/see oglhn to weave kaa to wet haktalssi to will (as in "I will do it") l'een to win/be victorious chaghh to work l'nik to write raked to write/scribble ratad tomb nirag Tombkeeper Nirag'sero'ke tooth hral treasure leksan tree tahargh tribe hreesh true kaard twenty daltha two thek   vanguard (a line unit) sath vine tesh   wall nehkt war erhat'ka warden (lit. watcher-lord) oglhn'ke'kallak warm (lit., less-hot) traal'ka'ss warrior/soldier (lit., war-worker) erhat'ka'l'nikha watcher oglhn'ke water sl'ssi we/us lad weak seri wealth zuan weapon thralt'h week shuth west tesk what udne when leghta where nara white shaa who tahl why yarn'teh window tukt wiroi klaan wood keech worker l'nikha   year orr yellow sk'lo you an yours aarho   zero, none naltha
This started back in 1986 or so, when GURPS Fantasy 1e came out, and I started running an Yrth campaign. I liked the Reptilemen, so I gave them a language, with the basic conceit that they didn't use labials much, if at all, due to scaly, stiff lips. It made them have distinct accents when speaking other languages. Following all of this, I then expanded their stat block from the one in GURPS Fantasy to something more akin to what I was looking for: an actual reptilian race.   Following that, (and running a reptileman thief who told everyone he was a priest) I developed a lot of the sociology and religion of the Kler'nakthasa. Turns out that thief of mine actually preferred being a priest, and actually became one, leaving aside his old thieving profession. Granted, he still followed the god of War and Wealth (and he was still rather on the greedy side), but building a temple and going the route of religion was a much more effective way of stealing anyway....

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