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Torches in Twilight Session 25, heroically slaying an old lady

General Summary

Kormatin and company picked up this session in King's Lake.   Kormatin got a spiked shield for Brigid, two scrolls of Hunter's Mark, a large makeup/disguise kit, and tempoary picked up a Lantern swordsmen and thespian to help with disguises.   Kormatin, Brigid, Ragani, Bendek, and Zajac cross the Swynfaredian border without incident and proceeded to Madrona's manor. Brigid cast Hunters Mark on the nicest looking carriage horse while the others positioned themselves for a strike on Madrona.   Plan A was to swoop in and assassinate Madrona. Plan B was to use Hunter's Mark to track Madrona if she bolted. Kormatin, Ragani, Bendek, and Zajac were magicked up to be flying and invisible but they alerted a guard with their magic aura who set up invisibility protocols.   Kormatin and his whole crew sans Brigid flew through the balcony to enter. They fought a Talon Warrior magicked up with buff spells and magically disguised as Madrona and three earth elementals. Eventually Ragani disrupted one earth elemental and the company took out the other two elementals and enticed the Talon Warrior to surrender once they figured out he wasn't Madrona and dispelled his buffs.   They didn't bother to take him prisoner or kill him. He fought honorably. They grabbed his potions and flew off. Then used the Hunter's Mark spell to track Madrona to an inn she fled too.   They figured out which room she was in. Flew into the room caught her by surprised and killed her and two guards which caused the other guards to flee. Kormatin and company looted everything Madrona brought with her and withdrew eventually finding a seemingly safe place to rest after using their magic Plant staff once.

Rewards Granted

4 experience points   247 gold/silver pieces   170 silver/copper pieces   50 drams of Divination reagents   300 drams of Conjuration reagents   Jeweled Earrings worth about 100 gold/silver pieces   Necklace worth about 250 gold/silver pieces   A couple sets of noblewoman clothing worth about 100 gold/silver pieces.   Assorted intrigue notes


Intrigue Notes captured

  Reese ap Gorisonad is Gorisonad’s best investigator. His main assignment has been Kormatin. Reese pieced together most of Kormatin’s trojan horse maneuver and spy hunt. He did not manage to finger the Swynfaredian Lanterns who helped you. Nor did he find out you met with House Ceffnor. Reese refuses to cross the border into Fumaya. Reese has recently been given permission to end his Kormatin investigations and has moved on to other things.   Kovenoth has officially given up the search for the missing team that tried to kill Baron Deorac. No one seems to know what they were trying to do when they disappeared.   A Kovenoth Countess, Countess Erian ap Kovenoth IV, sold some very valuable heirloom magical items against the wishes of the furious Kovenoth Patriarch. She paid off her debts and bought the debts of some up and coming bloodline sorcerers and squib alchemists. She is unwed. The Gorisonad letter talking about her called her “the flower that grew out of the pot of dirt”.   House Selwyth is quietly hoarding necromantic reagents. Note Selwyth are Gorisonad allies but Gorisonad do not fully trust them.   There are a couple Gorisonad Numaness marriages. These couples seem to have been blacklisted by both Gorisonad and Numaness.   They have a little bit of dirt on younger Numaness sleeping around or dabbling in drugs but they haven’t got any truly damning dirt and most of the light dirt they have is on relative nobodies. They have a bit of other light dirt on other Houses.   Numaness and their allies are not lifting a finger to help Gorisonad with their attempt to retake the Borderlands but they seemingly aren’t trying to sabotage it either.   Rohdri seems to be cozying up to House Gareth.   Gorisonads are keeping tabs on as many of Rohdri’s bastards as they can.   Gorisonad believes Berwyn par Gruffyl seems to have gone native and is a Fremiss B stooge with no seeming loyalty to Rohdri.   Gorisonad believes Iorwen par Gruffyl is little more than a brood sow and they are hoping to play the odds and one or two of her children becomes a potent sorcerer.   Inara par Gruffyl is hard for the Gorisonads to peg down. They know she is prodigy sorceress for her age and suspect she might be involved with Kormatin given that she goes off the radar for long periods of time.   Gorisonad believes Howel par Gruffyl is a dabbler and a putz, not worthy of consideration.   Gorisonad has been watching Cerys par Gruffyl (a bastard you haven’t heard of till now). She is a budding necromancer and seems to be doing a lot of research on ghost binding. Gorisonad is mildly concerned that she will use ghosts to spy for Gruffyl but they have Selwyth keeping an eye on her so they doubt she’ll be able to slip ghosts past Gorisonad’s defenses.   Siani (another bastard you haven’t haven’t heard of till now) is a flirtatious enchantress. She has been missing some time and Rohdri is looking for her. Gorisonad speculates she might be working with Kormatin.   Tudor (a bastard you haven’t heard of) is almost sixteen. He is an invoker/abjurer and a solid swordsmen nearing the end of his knight’s training. Rohdri seems to be aiming to keep him close.   Ragle (a bastard you haven’t heard of) is a skilled illusionist. He is serving with a popular performance troupe. Gorisonad is not sure whether Ragle is just a performer with no greater ambition or if he is using the fact that the performance troupe is widely traveled for espionage.   They are keeping tabs on ten underage Rohdri bastards (not counting the one above who will be sixteen very soon). Three of them are confirmed sorcerers.
Report Date
27 Aug 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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