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Sons of the Sea Floor

Most Scarterrans view the Sea Floor as a primordial cosmic force similar to Sea and Sky, but of a much weaker calibur.   Thus while the Seeyirah and Sons of the Sky are held in high regard, the Sons of the Sea Floor are considered to be minor deities.  Resona and Mangcha.  Most Scaraquans don't give them much thought and view these two feuding as near interchangeable.   But they are gods, and gods tend to be responsible for large things.  In this case Resona and Mangcha have some influence over the geothermal activity of the sea floor and of most interest to Scaraquans, regulate the chemical vents.   This makes Mangcha and Resona very important deities to Scaraquans that live on or near the ocean floor.  They are very important deities to the Astakalians.
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