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lineages of wisdom

by Eron12 with Hero Forge
"Bloodlines only show an accident of birth, but a lineage of wisdom always represents a deliberate act of transference on both the part mentor and the apprentice making a scholar's lineage more meaningful and more important."   -Bevan, Swynfaredian alchemist
    Lineages of wisdom are commonly invoked by scholars, wizards, and occasionally priests.   Most noble families in Scarterra like to keep track of their family trees as far back as possible and many can quote the names of their great great grand parents and everyone in between.   Even those who are not of noble blood often come from cultures of filial piety and take rightful pride in their honorable lineage.   Lineages of wisdom have a different origin, but they are used in much the same way. To establish legitimacy by calling on the honor and prestige of one's forebears.   A lineage of wisdom invokes a person's mentor, their mentor's mentor, their mentor's mentor's mentor, and so on and so forth and far back as possible.   Most famous historical scholars and wizards had apprentices and people who can trace a lineage of wisdom to famous historical figures love to boast about this.


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