Lady Osian Fremiss the Shifter

Lady Osian Fremiss

A first generation dragon blood, The eldest Fremiss daughter was the first Swynfaredian noble to regularly use illusion magic and transmutation magic to regularly impersonate an ordinary human. Lady Osian also impersonated a commoner a lot. When she saw good people suffering, she would often use her magic and wealth to help out, sort of like Undercover Boss.   She married a noble from House Kovenoth. She had two sons and a daughter before she disappeared. Her descendants retained her aptitude for transmutation and illusion for many generations and they also impersonated commoners a lot. Not all of them did this out of benevolence.   Her disappearance remains a source of idle speculation for generations to come. She often left court under disguise without telling anyone. One time she left and didn’t come back. Did she run away? Was she killed?  
918 CE 1070 CE 152 years old

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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