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Anointed who severely stray from their deity's teachings can have their magic throttled as a warning to amend their behavior.   An excommunicated anointed can still wield divine magic but it's more difficult. Most excommunicated take the hint and reform their behavior, many go on great quests to redeem themselves.   The Nine are very forgiving of minor lapses and they are open to their followers using unorthodox methods and interpretations of holy doctrine.   Because of this, excommunicated are actually quite rare. A great many heretics and mavericks have managed to offend the leaders of their priesthoods but have not been excommunicated or punished by their deity in any way.   It is possible, although extremely rare, that a theurgist can forsake one god or goddess and be adopted by another. In most cases, this is a anointed who delves deep into necromancy , gets excommunicated by their original deity, and then is adopted by Greymoria.
Extremely Rare

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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