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Scalechanged Legacy

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NOTE: All articles have been put under Draft for review. I'm in the process of re-evaulating/re-writing this world.


Action and adventure in an inhuman world!

A harsh, unforgiving world, transformed in ages past, and forged by the will of the dragons who rule it. Powerful dragon kings lord over domains earned by breath, spell, claw, and guile.

The dragon kings secured their rule during a war thousands of years ago, when the fey races were banished from the world, and the fate of the human race was forever altered. Suddenly forced to the other side of the conflict, they became the Scalechanged: soldiers for the dragon kings, made to fight against their former allies.

When the war ended, the ancient wyrms receded from view, and the Scalechanged were left to pick up the pieces. Millennia later, they are known as Dragonborn, and they live as they can: farming, crafting, trading, and warring. Many serve the dragon kings still, pawns in their endless schemes and conflicts.

You, however, are not content with this life. You seek your fortune by adventuring in the dangerous wilds, delving in ancient ruins while searching for treasure and secrets. You struggle for survival against the fell forces across the realms: powerful warlords, cunning demagogues, fierce beasts, even the very lands themselves. Survive the dangers long enough, and you may someday become great, but will that be as hero or conqueror?.

Glory and riches await those who dare to laugh at death!

Note: This setting is under construction. Several pages are simple placeholders at the moment. I welcome critical analysis, but please don't judge the incomplete state of the work.


Keywords: Ancient, Savage, Harsh, Transformed, Servitude, Draconian, Non-human


Q1. What is your worldbuilding motivation?

To create a D&D rpg setting where there are no humans or other "standard" fantasy races.
Q2. What is your world's genre?
Sword and sorcery-style fantasy
Q3. What is your world's scale?
Q4. What is your world's mood?
Grim Grey (Grimmest to Noble, Darkest to Bright)
Q5. What is your world's theme?
The strong do what they can, the weak do what they must.
Freedom vs Servitude. Everyone serves someone, who do you serve?
The world is dark and safety is a treasure unto itself.
Money can make your problems go away, but too much money creates new problems.
Q6. What is your world's conflict?
(more info soon)


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