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27th November 2120

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Hello there! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;ve been using WA since mid-2018, and it&#039;s honestly my favourite place to spend time on the internet. I love writing and drawing, though I&#039;m not doing any of it professionally :D


I&#039;ve been a lifelong gamer of all platforms and all types. Through the years I&#039;ve noticed the lack of work that includes people that look like me (black people). Thanks to World Anvil, I have the chance to develop a world that is Afrocentric in

Ava S. Jones

Hey, my name is Ava S. Jones and I&#039;m using worldanvil as a way of creating and displaying the worlds from the novels I&#039;m writing. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I&#039;m autistic and space is one of my special interests, which

Elias Redclaw

Hello to whoever is reading this! I am Elias and a soon to be 17 highschool student from the mountainous reaches of far Northern India. Ever since I was a kid, i read any fantasy book i could get my hands on and watched sci fi shows, movies and stuff as w


A writer is a world trapped in a person. <li>Victor Hugo</li>


I&#039;ve been playing Role-playing games for over 20 years. I&#039;ve played a wide variety although D&amp;D is my favorite, I also enjoy Shadowrun and most Super Hero RPGs. I&#039;ve created my own world and have been expanding on it for 15 years. I&#03


<blockquote>I quietly phase in and out <br> between the world you are in <br> and the world you are viewing right now <br> under an eternal blue... <br> </blockquote>

Koray Birenheide

Hello there ^-^ My name is Koray, I&#039;m a long time writer and roleplayer. I use World Anvil to manage the world for my fantasy novel &quot;Aqualon, Rise of the Broken&quot; as well as my largest D&amp;D campaign setting (based on Forgotten Realms and