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Saradon is an ever-evolving world of my own creation set in a time period roughly similar to that of the early European Renaissance in our own history though additionally influenced by a number of alternative forces. It is primarily a passion project of mine that began as something of a hobby, though I do one day hope that I could publish books written with this world as a template.   This particular location serves more as a holding place for my ideas than any true sort of organized encyclopedia of my works so a lot of it is a bit disorganized and unfinished - you'll probably find a number of pages featuring little more than a couple of pictures and a fact or two about whatever the article's title is, though rest assured that I'll get around to filling out the information of any given page at some point in the future. Probably. Maybe.   Please take note that the world of Saradon is nearly ubiquitously based on the real world in terms of geography and the spread of cultures and that any similarities of this nature noticed are entirely intentional as I believe it to be a better way of representing a large variety of cultures and ethnicities rather than either relying entirely on fantasy races and cultures or simply creating another facsimile of medieval western Europe. However, while I am familiar to an extent with English, German, and Finnish, the vast majority of real-life languages represented in my world are things that are entirely foreign to me and I may have mis-represented in my attempts to form fantasy variants of by simply matching together sounds from those languages. If you are a native or otherwise fluent speaker of any of the languages represented in my map and notice something a bit odd or nonsensical in the names, please don't hesitate to inform me! I appreciate all the help I can get.