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Brightstorms are uncommon variants of sandstorms that have a large amount of kaalite-rich sand.

Also called "charged sandstorms", brightstorms are giant clouds of sand with colored light flashing within. The light comes from Glowbolts--arcs of Aura travelling quickly from one highly-charged location to another. The Glowbolts within a brightstorm are believed to happen when two highly charged pieces of kaalite are torn away from each other by the wind. Aura's law of attraction attemps to keep them together. The result is an explosive flash as the energy is forced to divide itself between grains.

Brightstorms can form as either Luminosity, which determines the primary hues of their bolts. Lunar storms flash in blues and purples, and solar storms spark in reds and yellows.

"It's gorgeous, from a distance."
Janys innkeeper, watching the horizon


Brightstorms can occur in any place there is an abundance of kaalite-rich sand, but they're almost never seen outside of the Great Desert. Most brightstorms have solar Luminosities, so lunar brightstorms are a rare and beautiful sight. A lunar brightstorm seen during the day is said to signify good fortune in the future.

Brightstorms disappear just as quickly as they appear. They usually don't last longer than an hour. When a brightstorm passes over a settlement, it is wise to take cover. The swirling sands are damaging to the skin and respitory system, and the unpredictable blasts of Glow could be deadly.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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