Samthô The Ages of Samthô Timeline
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The Ages of Samthô

Samthô came into existence an unfathomable number of millenia ago. It was built off the remnants of the First Formations which themselves brought forth the first gods. We do not know, what these First Formations were exactly, but they seem to have been living beings as all worlds are said to be made from bones, blood, flesh and fibre.
Samthô has four general historical ages which are preceded by three prehistorical ages of unknown length. The historical ages commenced with a big catastrophe, the Great Flood, which started the first era or Era of the Water. It was followed by the second era, also called Era of the Trees. This was ended by another great catastrophe, a volcanic eruption called the Great Scorching. This brought about the third era, also known as the Era of the Fire. It was, until now, the shortest of the eras, lasting only 127 years after which the fourth and current era, the Era of the Earth started.
Every continent or larger region has developped it's individual view(s) on history, times and eras, so it is of little help to divide the general Samthô timeline into more specialised sections.

Era of the Trees

306753 EE 314121 EE

After the water receded and greater parts of the land masses rose above sea level, there were wide stretches of fertile land to be claimed. The trees did just that, mostly unhindered by the then still few groups of beings possessing the Gift of Reason and likewise unhindered by dryer areas, which could not form amidst the oceans.

  • 5631 ET

    Founding of the Order of the five Sages

    In the year 5631 of the Era of the Trees the Order of the Five Sages was founded to advance the knowledge of magic of the Empire of Asargam. The order gave rise to the most accomplished magic users and scholars on magic in the entire history of Samthô. Different forms of magic application became a major motor for Asargams rise.

Era of the Fire

314122 EE 314249 EE

The so called Great Scorching started the Era of the Fire. It was short, but transformative as the eruption of the Okeina on Ayemniyama plunged the world first into fire, later into a long winter.

Era of the Earth

0 - 4524

The current era is the Era of the Earth. It is characterised by un unprecedented amount of land masses. As is, there are seven continents now which cover more of Samthôs surface than at any time before.

  • 2211 EE

    Creásso cótis

    In this year the Confederation of Tarrabaenia was founded and Savína was elected its capital.