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Kings list of the Uwkara Mo

As Uwkara Mo sources are rare and the language is still undeciphered, only a rough attempt can be made to recreate their kings list.
Due to the language of the Uwkara Mo being undeciphered, only the meanings of the cuneiform characters used to write the names are given. Names are always preceeded by a title, which is taken directly from the Andaperna-style use of those characters.

  • 6700 EE

    6850 EE

    First kings

    King /run-mill-wait/
    King /red-red-shard/
    King /brew-stone-chill/
    King /pot-water-savage/
    King /chamber-mellow-do/
    King /link-arrow-open/
    King /far-life-tooth/
    King /solid-spoon-sun/
    King /gather-blue-gather/
    King /rise-stone-link/

  • 6911 EE

    7001 EE

    Second dynasty

    King /lamp-black-field/ (ruled at least 6 years, at most 11)
    King /miscellaneous-horse-sink/
    King /look-antler-fabric/ (might not be legitimate or real at all; in part contemporary with /mind-slight-border/)
    King /mind-slight-border/
    King /name unknown/ (ruled for ca. 17 years, maybe more than one king)
    King /slow-narrow-slow/
    King /grow-sand-find/
    King /name unknown/
    King /sun-seven-hammer/ (in part contemporary with Andaperna ruler Pehamuwa

  • 7001 EE

    7227 EE

    Uncertain period

    During this period a big turmoil must have befallen the Uwkara Mo kingdom, resulting in unclear power structures and several dynasties fighting over supremacy.

    King /king-mat-open/
    King /shard-pot-far/
    King /sour-end-life/
    King /wing-field-more/
    King /blue-blue-narrow/
    King /four-mouse-soot/
    King /water-grain-six/
    King /name unknown/ (along with the next two sure to have existed, but the names are indiscernible
    King /name unknown/
    King /name unknown/
    King /saw-land-three/
    King /four-tree-pot/
    King /clay-end-horse/ (ruled for ca. 7 years)
    King /noon-noon-sand/
    King /more-wide-emerald/
    King /instrument-border-mind/ (might have ruled before more-wide-emerald)
    King /human-land-wool/
    King /bright-mat-forest/
    King /fish-bring-field/
    King /surrender-five-soot/
    King /summer-sour-clay/ (expanded the kingdom to the Paunis river)
    King /reed-look-look/
    King /dress-grow-mouse/ (might be the name of the king's brother)
    King /name unknown/
    King /burrow-gold-mind/
    King /bread-great-think/

  • 7227 EE

    7307 EE

    First middle dynasty

    King /straw-emerald-fight/
    King /eight-cut-border/ (ruled for ca. 27 years as evidenced by stone carvings
    King /new-cow-new/
    King /high-field-limb/ (re-conquered the areas around the Paunis river
    King /pot-pot-enter/
    King /find-horse-centre/
    King /human-human-ritual/ (probably mentioned as the king to make the treaty with the Asargam empire)
    King /stone-tree-one/ (supposedly only had one eye)
    King /water-great-limb/
    King /blue-head-wide/

  • 7307 EE

    7387 EE

    Second middle dynasty

    King /snake-five-five/ (probably founder of an usurper dynasty)
    King /moon-gold-bent/ (commisioned the building of a temple of a storm god of unknown name)
    King /river-human-narrow/ (ruled for ca. 2 years)
    King /fish-look-dragon/
    King /field-good-lonely/
    King /bow-reach-simple/ (worshipped in a city close to todays Umindi named /CITY-stool-sabre tooth cat-wind-arm-four

  • 7387 EE

    7400 EE

    Uncertain period II

    There were probably around seventeen kings during this short period, indicating a period of civil war and the establishment of several warring states.

  • 7400 EE

    7470 EE

    First late dynasty

    King /mountain-blue-red/ (the date of the beginning of the entire dynasty is unclear, maybe it only started in 7402 or 7407
    King /find-boar-tower/
    King /ritual-dragon-kind/
    King /limb-cook-good/
    King /name unknown/ (name illegible in temple inscription, but sure to have ruled for eight years
    King /straw-water-water/
    King /name unknown/ (maybe identical with /straw-water-water/
    King /rise-long-pool/
    King /round-sand-hot/

  • 7470 EE

    7559 EE

    Second late dynasty

    King /ruby-goose-help/
    King /six-attack-fabric/
    King /field-more-more/ (lost control of the western area; killed by his own son and successor)
    King /chamber-ritual-fish/
    King /name unknown/ (only known from one kings list in a temple for a river god - probably Imilu Lanka; the name is illegible, as are the following four; nonetheless believed to be genuine
    King /name unknown/
    King /name unknown/ (ruled for ca. 11 years)
    King /name unknown/
    King /arrow-name-mellow/ (received an envoy of a foreign nation)
    King /dragon-tower-deep/
    King /ritual-ruby-human/ (the last proper king before the kingdom descended into obscurity