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General introduction

Kammargo is the westernmost city in the Confederation of Tarrabaenia. It lies directly on the slopes of the Central Erana Mountain Range within the Tresalbeo basin which forms the state of the same name. Although Tresalbeo is mostly a fertile alluvial plain and one of the biggest producers of oat and spelt within the Confederation of Tarrabaenia, Kammargos main export are metals won from mines on the fringes of the Central Erana Mountain Range, first and foremost copper and tin, which makes the city an important source of bronze.

Climate and natural ressources

Kammargo has a temperate climate with a slightly continental character due to the Tresalbeo Basin being blocked off the influence of the Grey Sea to the south by the Mánes Mountains, a promontory of the Central Erana Mountain Range. During one or two weeks of the year temperatures might even drop below the freezing point. Snowfall has never been reported though, as the basin receives little to no precipitation and so does the city. Water is provided by the three rivers flowing into and through the basin, one of which, the Corber River, has its source in the mountains above Kammargo, then flows through the city and straight east, where it exits the basin. The Corber River also flows through the states capital, Palónia. It is too small to be navigable though, so all transport from of to Kammargo has to be made by land.
The soil around Kammargo is stony and hardly arable, so food has to be brought in from elsewhere. The only notable local sources of food are some mushrooms from nearby caves or venison - mostly goats or ibeces - hunted in the local mountains.
Kammargo is on the other hand very rich in ores, mainly copper and tin. The rich mines have led to an increase in population over the last few hundred years. In the current era there are around 2500 people living in the city and working the mines, smelters and smithing workshops.

History and culture

The rich lead ore veins in the area were only discovered around 400 years ago. At first only lead was mined by two or three dozen people. When the copper veins were struck 300 years ago more people were drawn there bringing the population up to around 2000 people over the course of the next twohundred years. Another spike in population came when finally also tin was discovered some 100 years ago.
Being mainly a mining town on the fringes of civilization Kammargo is of little cultural significance. It has a reputation though for having the most advanced bronze mirror production in all of Tarrabaenia. Even though it is only a handicraft, the mirror makers of Kammargo take great pride in their products, even imprinting them with individual workshop seals. The most popular of these workshops with the most sought after mirrors is the one owned by Emanus Fruivernus Slíma.


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