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Central Erana Mountain Range

The Central Erana Mountain Range is the biggest mountain range on the continent of Erana. It divides the continent approximately in the middle and runs from coast to coast in a north-south direction. While the western part of the continent is very moist as the mountain range holds back the moist air masses, the mountain range itself and the eastern part of Erana are relatively dry. The southwestern parts even house extensive cloud forests due to the warm climate and the orographic lift.
The general width of the mountain range is about 350 kilometres rendering it strong barrier between the western and eastern part of the continent which have for the most part developped independently from one another. The landscape is generally rocky and there are only small patches of land that can sustain plant growth. These patches of land mostly receive melting water from the numerous glaciers covering the majority of the mountains.
There are no surface settlements in the mountain range and the majority of people living there are nomadic Tuuqasleen groups. On the other hand there are at least two major Kaumogg societies underground and probably some still undiscovered peoples. As the Kaumogg of the Central Erana Mountain Range are mostly hostile towards other peoples this makes traversing the area even more difficult. However there are two mostly safe passes that can be used by individual travellers but are inaccessible for caravans or bigger groups of people.
The specific environmental challenges of the area have led to the Central Erana Mountain Range having a unique set of plants and animals living there which are adapted to the conditions the land offers. One peculiar aspect of the regional fauna is, that there are no dragons present as the climate is for the most part too cold for them.
Mountain Range

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