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The most widespread alcoholic beverage of Tarrabaenia

Bérevo, in the East also called líbúrró, is a kind of bread beer that is a common beverage in the states belonging to the Confederation of Tarrabaenia and adjacent areas. In the other areas it may have different names which are mostly derived from the Tarrabaenian word bérevo. In the East, namely the state of Tebrina, the name bérevo is exclusively used for the last bérevo brewed every year. Otherwise Tebrinians call it líbúrró.
As the summers in the Confederation of Tarrabaenia are quite hot people looked for a beverage they could drink cold without facing the problem of drinking something tainted or spoilt by bacteria. The art of making bérevo is very old and it is impossible to trace its exact origins, though some legends concerning its invention exist. For religious reasons drinking alcohol is forbidden for a few months every winter. People then have to resort to boiled water to make it potable which is actually no problem in winter since houses have to be heated in the dim months of the year anyway.
There are a lot of different ways to produce bérevo. In most cases it is made of leftover bread that's left to ferment for one or two days. Using grains is also widespread as is using malt. These three basic ingredients can also be mixed in varying ratios. depending on the area or general availability either spelt, rye or barley get used. In case malt is used it is not necessary to add sugar, but if there is no malt used in the processed different sugar sources are added like honey or dried fruit. Herbs, seeds or roots can be added to enhance the flavour or the colour. This can take the taste in any direction. It's not uncommon to find sweet variants with cicely or more savoury bérevo with beetroot or celery. Mint is also a very popular herb to be added.
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