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Arka Ishkiyawan Daishtari

General introduction

The Arka Ishkiyaman Daishtari is a serious condition that can be contracted by Andaperna priests as well as the huwawit charm makers, that are the more handicrafty component in Andaperna religious preventive rituals. Quite literally the word translates to 'he/she is separated' and refers to the person losing their link to the spiritual realm, so they can no longer work as priests or as charm makers, since they can no longer interact with the spiritual realm or imbue the charms they produce with the power necessary for them to work.


While priests can acquire the condition when dealing with spirits or ghosts too powerful for them or from getting injured while on spirit journeys, it is not clear, how huwawit charm makers actually get affected. A theory says, that the ghost or spirit at which the charm to be produced is aimed in some cases can get aware of the peoples plans to counteract it and has enough of a consciousness, to actively take measures to counteract that. This would speak for a powerful spirit or ghost, but sometimes beings that posed no problems to the identifying priests in the first place may strike out at the huwawit charm maker instead.


The main issue arising from having or being Arka Ishkiyawan Daishtari is, that a person affected no only is separated from the evil spirits, but also from good and benevolent ones. These indiviuals are often struck by severe bad luck or also trmendously good luck for seemingly no reason. They seem to be free game for every influence a ghost or spirit around them might have on its environment. There are no continuous links to the multitude of powers around, so there are no balancing bonds for that individual. This makes their lives constantly insecure and being on the verge of health and death at any given time.

extreme good or bad luck, random events of any kind
not curable
almost always
malevolent spirits or ghosts

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