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Jahey Mikhale

Jahey Mikhale (a.k.a. Caboose)

Physical Description

Special abilities

Though unintelligent and unskilled, Caboose possesses tremendous physical strength when angry or in simple situations, while unable to direct this strength in combat Jahey has been seen lifting a wagon by himself one second and crying due to his inability to open a mason jar.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born from a band of half-orc raiders out in Yakune Jahey lived most of his childhood on several ships. With his father being a ships cook Jahey was soon given the nickname "Caboose" due to him constantly wondering around the kitchen rather than do his job as a shipsboy. Eventually Jahey screwed up enough that he was thrown off the ship, though thankfully while it was at a port, but the young half-orc had no other job and his reputation preceded him. Instead he was picked up by the local witch doctor who had taken a shine to the boy and decided to train him, kill him, and use him for magical parts. She would have too were it not for the young man's luck as he accidentally sneezed into his masters face right before the witch doctor could use zombie powder to kill the hapless Jahey. Instead the witch doctor choked on his own poison and Jahey was left mourn his master's sudden death.   Jahey attempted take over his former master's business but after accidentally unleashing a dire boar, setting fire to the hut, and misunderstanding a client's wish to "take care" of a "pain in the neck" the inexperienced witch doctor was run out of town. Living among the jungles Jahey managed to better connect with nature though due to his lack of awareness gotten himself in more trouble with adventurers, explorers, and passing merchants. Before the angry mob could be gathered to find and kill the hapless half-orc Jahey stumbled across a secret passage that led to the inner chamber of the Temple of Nymbez a dangerous dungeon that housed a mummified kabutoe sorcerer. It was there he met Churchill Steeltop who used the half-orc's distraction to slay the mummy before it could do anything. It was on that spot "Caboose" declared Churchill to his lifelong friend for saving his life and swore to help him no matter what.   Since then "Caboose" has dutifully followed Churchill and the Bluewheel Company assisting in managing the teamsters and transport across the various environments. Finally Jahey had a chance to shine while using his magical knowledge to ease the merchant caravan across all sorts of terrains.


Jahey trained on a merchant and pirate ships before he was thrown out. Afterwords he trained under a master witch doctor before an accident left him with no teacher.


Jahey was a cabin boy and powder monkey from a young age until his natural clumsiness caused him to be thrown off the ship. Afterwords he became an apprentice to a witch doctor for a few years before the untimely death of his master. Finally he lived as a hermit for a little less than a year before meeting up with Churchill Steeltop an joining the dwarf in founding the Bluewheel company.

Intellectual Characteristics

Jahey Mikhale is devoted, simple, and positive to a fault.

Morality & Philosophy

Jahey believe he is good and so is Churchill so no matter what the task is there must be a good reason for doing so.

Personality Characteristics


Jahey follows Churchill much like a puppy. He has also become quite attached to his wagon even giving it a name. Beyond that Jahey only wants the best for him and his friends.

Chaotic Good
Biological Sex

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