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Industrious insectile humanoids

Basic Information


Kabutoe are bipedal insectoids that have the head of a giant insect with the limbs of a primate. Depending on the ethnicity of the kabutoe their insectile traits will vary between regions. Highly intelligent and organized, the kabutoe live in Sadin'Zurah in Hives. Each Hive is ruled by an Empress who oversees two major casts of kabutoe: Workers and Warriors. Only the Warriors leave the Hive with any autonomy, and even then only with specific purpose.   All kabutoe have hard chitin skin, slightly multifaceted eyes, four arms ending in five-fingered hands with disposable thumbs, two humanoid legs. The kabutoe have either black or white hair and depending on the ethnicity will have beetle like shells.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kabutoe gestation can be a little more than a month and a kabutoe matriarch can give birth to a dozen children. Depending on the need a female kabutoe can produce worker or warrior castes with the majority of the litter being male. It is said the first Empress gave birth to the first generation of kabutoe who became the matriarchs who give birth to the second generation and form these came the major families of each hive. The successive generations formed clans within the major families as the matriarchs produced the next generations until the Empress died and a new Empress was selected from her clan.

Growth Rate & Stages

A larval kabutoe will grow into a youngling within one year from which they will start training for their caste. After two more years the kabutoe will be considered an adolescent capable of independent work. Once the kabutoe reaches their fifth year they will be considered adults and subject to the full extent of kabutoe law. After the kabutoe reaches fifteen they are considered elderly and will likely survive at most ten more years.

Ecology and Habitats

The kabutoe live underground in hives where they expand into other caverns or create their own.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While the kabutoe are omnivores they have mostly become socially herbivorous due to their species being forced underground and farm fungus and cave grains. Thanks to underground rivers their diet also includes various cavern fish and will even eat other sentient species if resources are difficult to find.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

The kabutoe are on par with most sapient species though due to their isolation they are slightly behind most technological advancements than the rest of the world.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Accustomed to life beneath the ground, kabutoe have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. They can see in dim light within 60 feet of of them as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

As both hive and clan are held about the individual the given name is refereed to last when addressing an individual. Shortening a full name is reserved only for family members and close friends such as a lover or sworn ally.

Major Organizations

Each hive is made up of a specific ethnicity with only one hive large enough to support multiple ethnic groups. Within the hives are major clans made up of several families derived from the hive's. Beyond the Clans and their major and minor families there exists a monastic tradition that worships the Inevitable as their creator and organizes the spiritual side of the kabutoe.

Gender Ideals

While a strong matriarchal society it is often the females who rule and the males who are made to fight with very few females within the warrior cast. As males outnumber females eight to one the males of the species are considered expendable with the women holding rule over families but rarely doing anything else.

Courtship Ideals

Often a matriarch will court with the strongest warrior caste of other families who create alliances with marriage but in the generations with no large scale conflicts there have been several females who have fallen for worker caste kabutoe and given up their positions to create servant class families.


Believed to have been created by the Inevitable after it had been corrupted by the taint of the First World. Made in the image of the industrious insects who had built gigantic structures and communities on such a tiny scale the species quickly expanded almost as fast as the Gravenous. For the same reason the species was almost wiped out on several occasions by the other races as well in part due to the kabutoe holding strong beliefs in isolationism. With the most warlike of the kabutoe being wiped out the remainder fled to Sadin'Zurah in hopes to be left alone.   For many generations the kabutoe lived in secret rarely expanding out from their communities till one industrious warrior rose to greatness even among the matriarchal society of the Kabutoe. Successfully organizing, defending, and even conquering the Amanita the warrior soon rose to the title of Shogun and became the first Kabutoe to expand outward in ages. Since then the Oda Hive of Formito kabutoe has expanded into several settlements and even gathered a few smaller hives and distant clans from other ethnic kabutoe under their rule. To date the Shogun's line has ruled as an unspoken Emperor though an Empress has been set as a figurehead.

Historical Figures

Oda Formito Ojin was the first Shogun of the Kabutoe

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Kabutoe are strict isolationists with only the Oda expanding and creating trade between other Kabutoe. Recently there has been some of the Oda scholars who have brought up the possibility of peaceful negotiations between the other species but the racial memories of the Kabutoe are still fearful of the past genocides.

25 years
Conservation Status
The species has almost been wiped out by all other humanoid races. Due to the warlike nature of kabutoe and their unwillingness to socialize well with the other races the kabutoe have been driven to near extinction several times. After fleeing toSadin'Zurah.
Average Height
4' to 7'
Average Weight
100 lbs to 350 lbs
Average Physique
Depending on the ethnicity the average kabutoe is
Related Ethnicities

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