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The ArchFey while unaging and nigh unkillable can be slain. The first of the ArchFey to be slain was the Devouring Queen. Killed by her own kind she was said to have gotten too greedy and tried to eat another of the ArchFey. When the Devouring Queen was killed her body split into hundreds of magical beasts that fled. Many were killed but a few escaped to breed. Given the name Gravenous in honor and spite of the ArchFey who spawned their existence whenever their kind appears all species band together to fight the blighted horde that devours all before it.

Basic Information


No two Gravenous hives appear to be the same. Depending on the Hive a Gravenous will have have four to eight legs and an exoskeleton. Beyond that the Gravenous appearance fits the environment to better and will be dangerous no matter where they are located. The one constant trait all have is an endless hunger.

Genetics and Reproduction

A Gravenous without a Queen will flee the area and hide while they attempt to hibernate for a time before one of their kind will transform into a Queen. Upon doing so all Gravenous within the area will awaken and flock to the Queen to feed her as she produces the next workers and warriors. Should a Queen survive long enough she will even produce specialized Gravenous.

Growth Rate & Stages

The birth and growth rates of the species are incredibly fast and only depend on food. A Gravenous will be born and grow into an adult within two weeks with a Queen growing over the span of a month.

Ecology and Habitats

The Gravenous can survive in any environment though they flourish in warm temperate areas with plenty of resources.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gravenous need to eat their body weight in protein or twice as much vegetable matter. The exception being the Gravenous Queen who will continue to eat irregardless with her body producing new Gravenous as soon as she has enough nutrients to do so, leaving the Queen in a constant state of birthing and eating. The Queen will consume several times her own weight within a single day.

Biological Cycle

Gravenous are considered Lesser Fey and do not age beyond the week needed to grow from larvae to adult.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The species is ruled over by the Queen. Below her are any specialized Gravenous followed by the Warriors and then the Workers. It is unknown if the species is able to produce a more elaborate structure over time as the required time and resources will strip a continent bare should the Gravenous be left alone.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gravenous can see in darkness as if the darkness were dim light thought they ca not discern color. Their sense of smell in incredible with Gravenous warriors able to smell blood from more than a mile away. Their ability to smell water and other edible matter is only around three hundred yards.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
The species is said to have been hunted to extinction several times with a breeding pair escaping or long since been dormant.
Average Height
Average Weight
1/2 Ton
Average Length
14' to 16'

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