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The Inevitable

The Inevitable is the only name that can be remembered for the God of Order. While The Inevitable was exalted above all gods for a time it fell to the Madness of Chaos and recused itself from the word save for a few who managed to gain their gods attention for a time. Since then The Inevitable builds within his domain but none know of what he builds nor however long it will take. While many a God would risk their position to topple the now weakened God they find their appeals fall upon deaf ears, The Inevitable will not deal with the other Gods and holds enough power to ignore the appeals for now. But the other Gods look on in fear for what The Inevitable has become and what he may do should he no longer keep the peace.     His priest build in their mad God's name and try to assist their God through the visions they are given but their faith grows fewer in number every generation. Were it not for their power automatically given they might have been wiped from existence since.  


Crafted from the copper, bronze, and silver that lattice around a humanoid figure rotating gears are visible within the gaps of its metallic body. Across the angels back are wings of dragonglass, harder than steel but clearer than diamond.

Divine Domains

Order, Stars, Knowledge , Madness

Tenets of Faith

Build as The Inevitable does, grow as his creation does, toil as is inevitable

Divine Classification

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