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Fey Crystal

The ArchFey had such power about them their very presence warped the land and tainted the ground. When the ArchFey fled this world their taint remained in the form of the Lesser Fey and Fey Crystals.


Material Characteristics

Fey crystals appear as a semitransparent rock of iridescence colors that gives off a faint glow.

Physical & Chemical Properties

This material is known for is intense arcane power that can affect anything around it in an seemingly random ways.

Geology & Geography

The crystal is found only in locations ArchFey have either lived for a significant amount of time, worked large magics, bled profusely upon, or died upon. The crystal itself did not appear until long after the fey was gone presumably meaning the crystal was partially formed through lithification or some other means.

Life & Expiration

Much like their source fey crystal seems nigh immortal with no deterioration through normal means. While it is possible to destroy the crystal through arcane or other supernatural means it is not easy.

History & Usage


Originally thought to have come from fallen meteor that crashed upon the earth the crystal was once called star fire. Though the true nature of the crystal can be drawn from the traces of Archfey magic long left behind. It is only through historical research that the crystal's relation to the ArchFey was uncovered. Originally found buried in old human settlements and battlegrounds of historic precedence the material has been seen as both a boon and curse due to it's wild nature.   Many of the earliest stories of enchanted or cursed lands can be traced to locations with a significant amount of Fey Crystal with the Cursed Forest, Land of Eternal Summer, and Forbuho all containing noticeable deposits of the crystal. These locations are known by reputation for strange occurrences be it the dead rising to planar rifts appearing and vanishing.


While the effects appeared early in the age of mortals it was not until the early leaders of mankind crafted the first legendary weapons that the material was first used knowingly. Crafted into several of the more powerful weapons early in the War against the Berylith the weapons were instrumental in battle against the Green Horde. While many attempted to find more of the rare crystal none were able to reliably find the material nor its source for some time.   Around the beginning of the Rein of Mankind and the establishment of the Republic of Man a historical sage by the name of Cynthia Rivers was first to link the source of the material with the historical precedence of the ArchFey. Having entered the Cursed Forest with a team of adventurers and some mining equipment she uncovered the source of the undead being the material once known as star fire. After her discovery within the forest and corroboration at the Land of Eternal Summer the Cynthia renamed the material fey crystal as adventurers and historians flocked to various location in hopes of finding the exceedingly rare material.

Everyday use

Fey crystal does not often allow itself to easily be used as the magic held within it is wild and untamed. While early man was able to manipulate the material into the legendary weapons of old as of now fey crystal has become more unstable and dangerous. While there have been attempts to use the material as a weapon or power source these have been met with mostly negative or mixed results.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Found to be the source of several myths and curses the material has become popularized as the source of many bardic tales and theatrical plays as of late. The rarity and power of the crystal has also spurred a rush to find more as the material is worth a fortune to anyone mad enough to think they can tame it.


Fey crystal is unpredictable as the magic that has formed it expresses itself seemingly at random. While one such assembly of crystal created a forest were the undead appeared, direction was easily lost, and magic behaved randomly another created crops that grew three times faster than normal and prevented the weather from dropping below freezing. However once these crystals were harvested the effects changed and the trees became sentient while the crops withered and died. No one has been able to predict the affects of the crystal with any certainty and all attempts to use the material for personal gain have been met with mixed results.



The safest way to store fey crystal is in an iron box.

Law & Regulation

Large cities have forbid the harvesting, sale, and manufacturing of fey crystal due to it's unpredictability.

100 - 500 gold per ounce
Near unique in rarity
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