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Lesser Fey

Lesser Fey were thought to be descendants of the original ArchFey. In truth they are actually some of their more powerful experiments and leftover magic made manifest. The Lesser Fey suffer from much of the same weaknesses as their creators though not as severe.

Basic Information


The Lesser Fey originally were unique individuals with their own anatomy but after some time many of the fey have found ways to breed or create more of their species. Most of these have become species of their own with the title Lesser Fey regulated to all the more individual species or those not widespread enough to warrant attention.

Genetics and Reproduction

Depending on the Lesser Fey it is possible to cross breed with humans and occasionally produce a Lesser Fey though often the result will be a fey-touched human. Other Lesser Fey create their own children through elaborate rituals that take specific materials and magic to recreate the same effects that created their own existance. The most hated are those Lesser Fey who alter a child or pregnant woman to create one of their own, stories of tricksters and thieves that take children often are Lesser Fey.

Growth Rate & Stages

Most Lesser Fey came into being as they were and experienced a brief adolescence which they learned of the world around them and either died off or survived and became adults.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Most Lesser Fey do not use names though should a Fey take a name it will often be given to them

Major Organizations

The largest organization the Fey have is the Wild Hunt, a gathering of Fey who glory in their predator state. They travel the world in search of prey though if they victim proves itself they might be invited as a hunter in place of the hunted.   A smaller but more influential group is the Circle, a loose organization based on mutual protection of the Fey as a whole.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Conservation Status
The Lesser Fey suffer from the same difficulties with breeding that the archfey do an were it not for their nigh immortality they would have long since gone extinct.

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