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The city is split between the raised hillside with one part rising majestically into the air while the other languishes in shadow. On top of the Hill statues stand in every park while houses with their elegant lines and high arches fight to show off the most skilled craftsmen money can buy. Fountains sparkle and flicker some illuminated from below so they burn majestically in the night. Trees rise up among the houses and line the streets, their beauty so carefully crafted just like every other part of the city. Music floats from the odd garden party where stringed instruments play a gentle melody for all to hear and the scent of spices and wood smoke along with the scent of late blooming flowers. A number of soldiers routinely walk around the grounds making sure the peace is kept as well as personal work forces .   Meanwhile in the Valley there is nothing but dirt and some strange rainbow hued grime covering the surface of even the lone fountain in the center of the city. The misshapen lump that cannot be recognized anymore is spewing forth a dark color of green from its waters. People shuffle through the day and night huddled in their own and facing away from the lights. The scent of magic is almost tangible in the air as you notice most of the myriad of colors glow a pale green before seeping into the ground with the rest of the filth. Among the people who you see are among a variety of the races many who are physically deformed in some way or act in odd ways twitching or moving oddly.   The community of Bralen is a result of extreme pollution and exposure of magical elements, the inhabitants of the Valley are all severely disabled and deformed, either physically or mentally. The pollution is the direct result of the lavish lifestyle of a rich community that lives above in the district known as "The Hills," the residents of which continue to exploit prejudice and harm "The Valley" residents with absolutely no regard for their safety or well being.   In the center of the city between the Hill and the Valley are the factories where Bralen is known to create some of the greatest wonders that aide civilization today.


25% Human
27% Half-Orc
38% Gnome
10% Other


Bralen is in all effects a plutocracy within the guise of a republic. As the Hills control most of the jobs and the soldiers the Valley only has their numbers and their mutations but they are a broken people.


The Hills have a standing militia and the amassed wealth and magic to fight a small army. The Valley has nothing of value that anyone would want.


Bralen has created some of the most advanced and popular magical smithies on the world. With the country of Sylpheed having more advanced arcanist and magitech Bralen can compete as the country has taken an isolationist stance in the past few generations. Bralen creates airships, submersibles, and many of the arcane conveniences that have made life easier in Gedic.


The Hills have some of the best sewer systems in the world with the majority of the worst polluters within the area. The Arcane Dust produced by the run off having been seen as the major cause of mutations within the Valley,

Guilds and Factions

Within the Hill there are three clashing factions as of late each vying for control of the riches Bralen has to offer.  

  • The Landed, rich merchant families who have long owned most of the city.
  • The Magi, spell casters who design and produce the wonders the city is known for.
  • The Army, soldiers and peacekeepers who keep the Valley down to insure the city prospers
While in the Valley stirrings of revolution rumble as the downtrodden freaks gather in secret to plan their ascension though even these secret societies argue how the Hill shall be toppled.
  • The Firebrands want to burn the Hills to show the world the price for evil.
  • The Brotherhood Faction wish to unify the people to throw off their oppressors and halt the work they are forced to do daily till their demands are met

Alternative Name(s)
The Split City
Large city
Inhabitant Demonym
Bralenite, Hill Folk, Valley People
Location under
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