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Allowed Content

This article will be a full list of any and all content that is allowed in my campaign. If something is not listed here, you might still be able to play it, however, you must confirm this with me ahead of time. Note that homebrewed or unlisted classes must be verified with me two weeks prior to use of that class, and most other content must be verified by me one week prior, as this gives me enough time to actually look over the class and ensure it's balanced.  


Alignment: Must be a non-evil alignment as evil characters were found to be far too disruptive to the story and party, alignment may shift based on actions  


Multiclassing in general needs to be confirmed with me before you are allowed to play a specific multiclass, due to the potential of being incredibly broken. Some multiclasses have already been preapproved, others will have to be confirmed with me prior to playing them. Multiclassing must abide by the minimum stat rules as outlined in the Player's Handbook. While multiclassing into a homebrewed class is generally not allowed, if one is allowed and does not have a minimum stat requirement, it will be given one by me at the time of character creation.  


Accepted classes are as follows:   All Player's Handbook classes   Blood Hunter (with significant changes: all self-damaging abilities reduce your maximum HP by that amount, maximum HP reduction from class abilities can only be restored by a long rest or by using hit dice, currently only Order Of The Ghostslayers is available)   Mystic (NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR CHARACTERS)   This specific version of the Luchador class (currently under playtesting by Drew, no others are allowed until properly playtested)  


Accepted subclasses are as follows:   All Player's Handbook subclasses   Xanathar's Guide Way Of The Drunken Master, Redemption Paladin, Celestial Warlock   Matthew Mercer's Gunslinger  


Accepted races are as follows (this is the overall list of any race available to play, non-diverse areas such as Bjiord may have smaller lists):   All Player's Handbook, Volo's Guide, or Elemental Evil races   Gith from Mordenkainen's Tome Of Foes (tentatively, if you choose this race please be aware that evil alignments are still not allowed)   Tortles   All my personal homebrew races that have been statted (currently Avariel, Faunus, Half-Lunars, Kender, and Warforged, if you wish to play one of these races, please contact me for their stats)   Ikwiikwii, specifically as seen here, without the ability to run faster on all fours

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