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Warped ones

Warped Ones are nightmarish abominations born from the malevolent influence of Corestone, a mysterious substance that emerged during the cataclysmic events of the Crystalline Convergence. These twisted creatures, once ordinary beings, have been irreversibly corrupted by the dark energies of Corestone, transforming into grotesque and monstrous forms driven solely by destruction and chaos.   The Crystalline Convergence marked the emergence of Corestone, a semi-organic material infused with potent magic and corruption. Those unfortunate enough to come into contact with Corestone are subjected to a harrowing transformation, their bodies and minds twisted beyond recognition. While the exact process of transformation remains shrouded in mystery, the effects are undeniable—a gradual decay of one's mortal form into a grotesque mockery of life.   The spread of Corestone's corruption knows no bounds, its tendrils reaching far and wide to taint and warp all that it touches. From the depths of the darkest forests to the bustling streets of once-thriving cities, the presence of Warped Ones serves as a grim reminder of the vestiges of the Convergence.

Origins and Transformation

Warped ones, as their name might suggest, are not a natural species but instead warped members of other races. Warped ones are a dreadful consequence of contact with Corestone, a mysterious and semi-organic material that emerged during the Crystalline Convergence. When living creatures come into contact with Corestone, they are subjected to a nightmarish transformation. This transformation begins with the release of a poisonous miasma, which has devastating effects on mortals.   The process of mutation is not currently well understood, some creatures under rapid transformation of mind and body in minutes, whilst other can linger with ‘minor’ mutations for extended periods of time; there is however, no known cure to the corruption of Corestone and if mutation takes hold transformation into a warped one is certain.

Destructive Nature

Warped ones are creatures of violence and destruction, they pillage and raid mortal settlements for both food - which they consider mortals - and weapons; this violence and destruction is born of both instinct and cruelty. Warped ones cannot be reasoned with and in most cases fight to death like the most privative of undead. Most warped ones have a kind of lower cunning, they are able to ambush and may not attack if targets are more numerous and armed. There are truly intelligent warped ones capable of bringing order to chaos and making them a true threat.

Arcane and Magic

Warped ones seem to have an innate connection to the arcane, likely a result of contact with the magically and corruptive Corestone. This connection grants the warped ones resistant to some forms of magic, and the ability to make use of some spellcraft.   Warped ones also seem to have the innate ability to at least sense the changes that drive Arcane Tempests and Weave Winds, whilst others speculate that they have the ability to influence or drive the supernatural phenomena. These speculations result from warped ones attacks and raids often coinciding with the arrival of these phenomena.


Warped ones often band together in loose-knit tribes, driven by their shared experiences and a dark, primal instinct for survival. They engage in raids, pillaging, murder, and capturing unfortunate victims to transform into more of their kind. These bands can be a constant threat to nearby settlements, and their presence is a harbinger of chaos and destruction. However, they are forced into warband more powerful and intelligent warped ones, chiefly arm mutants, eye mutants, and coretouched warped ones.

Endless Forms of Corruption

Warped ones are mutated and corrupted creatures, these mutations and corruptions know no bounds, however, through chance and their effectiveness several variations of warped ones have become the most common.

Warped One

Warped Ones are twisted abominations born from Corestone’s corruption. They appear barely humanoid, their flesh melting away yet clinging to their forms. Sickly hues of purple, blue, and flesh dominate their skin, and their faces contort in pain or pleasure. Their arms end in jagged claws, while barb-like protrusions and veins of Corestone grow from their twisted bodies.

Warped One, Unstable

Unstable Warped Ones' flesh seems to crawl and wriggle, exposing twisted bone and chunks of Corestone glowing with arcane power. The area around them bathes in a sickly violet light, presenting a horrific sight similar to normal Warped Ones.

Warped One, Arm Mutant

Arm Mutant Warped Ones bear additional arms, thin spider-like appendages ending in gnarled claws. These arms tend to grow from their backs or stomachs, distinguishing them from other Warped Ones.   Arm mutant warped ones are more intelligent than, warped ones, unstable warped ones, and bile mutants, as such arm mutants employ some amount of tactics. Arm mutants tend to act as leaders of warped ones' warbands and command other warped ones in combat to force into more strategic battles.

Warped One, Bile Mutant

Bile Mutant Warped Ones are bloated, twisted creatures with flesh melting away and bloated beyond belief. Their skin ranges in hues of greens and yellows, covered in pustules carrying acid bile, giving them a grotesque appearance.

Warped One, Eye Mutant

Eye Mutant Warped Ones feature countless eyes, some partially formed, across their whole bodies, with one large eye dominating the stomach area. Their appearance is similar to other Warped Ones but with additional eyes covering their form.   Eye mutants are truly intelligent creatures and leaders of warped ones warbands.

Warped One, Coretouched

Coretouched Warped Ones appear almost akin to their pre-corrupted race, except for a large glowing formation of Corestone horrifically twisting their face and head. They are more humanoid and mortal, capable of speaking and out-thinking many enemies.   Coretouched are similar to eye mutants, they are leaders but lead collations of warbands.

Varrious Forms and Mutations of Warped Ones

A warped one in there most common apperance.
Born of Corestone from the Crystalline Convergence of 24 February 533:Contempt

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