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The Balance

The Balance is a utilitarian and pragmatic philosophy which contends that the fundamental forces of existence, law, chaos, good, and evil, are in an epocs long conflict and that no power should be victorious.   The Balance is understood through the Blood War, a conflict between demons and devils which has plagued the Lower Planes - The Abyss and Nine Hells. Through the Blood War truly limitless amounts of demons and devils destroy one another, with many planar scholars arguing that if the Blood War were ever to end the full might of either the Abyss or Nine Hells would overrun the Prime Material Plane and Celestial Heavens. Those who believe in the Balance thus content that the Blood War must be never ending. The Balance, however, does not only deal with evil, those who believe in it argue victory by good would be just as destructive as that by evil, be it to life or free will.

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