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Tanflamman (Ten-flam-un)

The Flame of Darkness, Shadow That Casts the Light, Flame of the Abyss, Scourge of the Divine, Light That Is Not Light, the Demon Lord Tanflamman Shadow Flame Lord of 22nd layer of the Abyss Aganathel.   Tanflamman is a Demon Lord of cunning, patience, subtlety, subterfuge, ambition, and shadows who is willing to wait out entire aeons to achieve its plans for domination and the destruction of the divine. Tanflamman is said to favour those gifted in strategy, subterfuge, and those willing to do anything to reach their ends.


In the tale known as the Pact Primeval, it is said the celestials took on traits of the demons they fought; the most common origin story for the Shadow Flame is that it took on the traits of celestials to better combat them, if true this would be the only known case of this happening.   In the Forgotten Ages celestials and fiends did battle throughout the entirety of creation. Stories claim that in this period. Tanflamman was one of the greatest threats to the divine, until their greatest champion Asmodeus cast Tanflamman down, destroying its body. Tanflamman was broken in body, but not will, over time and through hatred and power Tanflamman reforged itself in the darkest recess of the Abyss creating a new form out of flame and shadow, darkness and light.   The Shadow Flame is said to be a gifted warrior, however, it is far from Tanflamman’s greatest strength; it has learned from its past defeats and is a creature of cunning, patience, subtlety, subterfuge, ambition, and shadows.

Physical Description

Descriptions of Tanflamman are not common as its acolytes blind themselves with flaming brands, the best comes from Faelear Morc a scholar and accidental planar traveller. Faelear described Tanflamman as a titanic humanoid figure, as beautiful as it was horrific to look upon, its body is shadow and darkness wreathe and seething with flame, with great and swirling wings of tenebrous shadow that stretch out far beyond it. Tanflamman carried a sword and whip of living flame in either hand, and sat no throne for it desired all others.


The home realm of Tanflamman is the 22nd layer of the Abyss Aganathel, the 22nd layer of the Abyss and the realm of Tanflamman is a dark and treacherous domain where shadows and flames intertwine, creating an atmosphere of perpetual darkness and flickering flames.   The landscape of Aganathel is a blend of shadowy vistas and fiery landscapes. Eerie, swirling mists shroud the land, giving the impression of a world perpetually cloaked in darkness. Jagged mountains made of obsidian and ash rise from the shadowy ground, their peaks wreathed in flickering flames. The air itself crackles with energy, carrying an otherworldly mixture of heat and cold.   Throughout Aganathel, the influence of Tanflamman is palpable. Sinister castles and fortresses, constructed from dark stone and infused with demonic magic, dot the landscape. These strongholds serve as centres of power for Tanflamman's servants, where they plot and scheme in service of their dark lord's ambitions.   The inhabitants of Aganathel reflect the duality of its ruler. Shadows animate and move with a semblance of life, manifesting as twisted beings that serve Tanflamman. These shadow creatures, both humanoid and monstrous in form, are extensions of the Shadow Flame's will, acting as its spies, assassins, and enforcers. Amidst the shadows, fire elementals dance and writhe, their fiery forms casting an eerie glow in the darkness. These elemental beings are bound to the will of Tanflamman, their flames fueled by the demonic power that permeates the realm.   The denizens of the Shadowfell are also drawn to Aganathel, enticed by the promises of power and the allure of darkness. They are corrupted and twisted by Tanflamman's influence, their once ethereal and melancholic forms now taking on a more malevolent and ferocious aspect.   Navigating Aganathel requires caution and keen senses, as the realm is rife with traps, illusions, and hidden passages. Shadows warp and elongate, disguising treacherous pitfalls and concealed paths. The boundaries between realms can also blur within Aganathel, allowing for unexpected encounters with other planes of existence or even glimpses into alternate realities.   Aganathel embodies the essence of Tanflamman, a realm where darkness and light, shadows and flames, intermingle in an eternal struggle. It is a place of cunning and deception, where only the most resourceful and cunning individuals can survive and thrive under the watchful eye of the Shadow Flame Lord.

Secrets discovered - Shadowflame Cultist

Hemonnet Greengrip

Hemonnet Greengrip is the current Lord of House Greengrip, a noble house in the service of House Darkvine. House Greengrip is ambitious and seeks to supplant its progenitor house, House Vinegrip, which is the most powerful noble house west of the Telvount river. Hemonnet is described as a charismatic man with an easy smile, known for his laughter and ability to connect with both nobles and commoners.   Hemonnet Greengrip has been secretly sacrificing people to the Demon Lord Tanflamman Shadowflame of the Abyss; this has included his two brothers and step-mother, whilst he has affected his father with a mysterious illness. This has left him as the effective leader of his house and its lands including Pancerre, Vertcerrer, and Hamafen. He also attempted to sacrifice a boy named Ale, however, he was interrupted by Faena. As a result Ale gained the powers intended for Hemonnet.   After these events Hemonnet got tangled up with the Heroes of the Free States, as he attempted to capture and perform a ritual of Ale to gain the blessing of the Shadowflame. The Heroes of the Free States all met Hemonnet in Pancerre where after a confrontation the Heroes escaped but not before causing an earthquake in the centre of Hemonnet castle. Hemonnet tracked the Heroes of the Free States Hemonnet was able to capture Ale and gain the blessing of the Shadowflame and returned the deceased Ale to the Heroes of the Free States.


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