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Knights Chivalric

The Knights Chivalric are a knightly order dedicated to upholding noble ideals and virtues, the Knights also protect the Ardenals and its peoples.


The Knights Chivalric were created in the dying days of the Age of Conquest but it was not until the Age of Blood that the Knights have any significant membership throughout the Ardenals.   Throughout the Age of Blood the Knights Chivalric rode about the Ardenals doing all they could to fight the horrors of the Age and protect the lands and its peoples. Though their blood watered the flowers of the Ardenals they undoubtedly did their duty to uphold their virtues and protect.   The Knights Chivalric were pivotal during the Thaxnorian Unification Wars, wherein they were convinced by Lord Lucaen Castrion and Rhamear Gathral to turn on the King Theuderic of the Ardenals. In return the Knights received the support of both the Ardenals and Thaxnoria. Since the Knight have proved to be among the best defences against incursions, bandetry, and monsters within the Ardenals.


Vows. Upon become a knight of the Knights Chivalric one must vow to uphold the five most noble and virtuous ideas:   Valour - to be strong and brave even at difficult times.   Honour - to treat and do battle with respect.   Compassion - to protect those who cannot protect themselves.   Wisdom - Wisdom is not to make the choices that are easy or simple, but to make the decisions that make us better people.   Loyalty - to remain unwavering even when it is difficult.   it is the sworn duty of the Knights Chivalric to uphold these vows in all actions that they take; this is even the case for the pages and squires who have yet to formally take their vows. Where the Knights Chivalric see potential in a member they may allow them to take on a quest of atonement when they have violated their vows, although they do not allow for a second.   Errant Knights The Knights Chivalric believe it to be their noble duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves, ensure the safety of the realm, and to vanquish evildoers and nerdowells. The Knights, as such, travel the roads, villages, and cities of the Ardenals (and occasionally elsewhere) seeking to meet out justice and defend good folk. This sees them function as a cross between a town guard, adventuring company, and military organisation wrapped up in nobility and romance.   Protectors of the Realm As a part of their vows the Knights Chivalric pledge loyalty, one application of this loyalty is to the Ardenals itself. The Knights Chivalric serve to protect the borders of the Ardenals, as well as the realm itself, from bandits, brigands, and monsters, which has ensure the Adenals has the well deserved reputation as the safest realm of the Kingdom of Thaxnoria.


The Knights Chivalric are typically made up to two types of individuals, valourant and noble warriors who seek grandeur, and romantics who seek to emulate stories of comradeship, heroism, and seek the love of virtuous Ladies.

Where the Faction Operates

The Knights Chivalric chiefly operate within the Kingdom of the Ardenals, as it dictated by assurances made by the Knights and the Ardenals; however, in rare circumstances the Knights Chivalric have operated in other regions.
Symbol: A stylised purple cross    Motto: By our Honour  

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