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Angels are a race of celestials who are believed to originate from the Celestial Heavens. They are powerful entities of will and divine purpose, and the traditional enemies of fiends. They serve as instruments of the deities as their warriors, envoys, and proxies.   Angels possess an appearance which mortal races generally consider attractive, are humanoid, and appear similar to many of the mortal races like humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. Most angels possess wings, and are larger than most mortal races of Runetalras.   Angels have a wide variety of inherent abilities, resistance to magic, the ability to detect lies, and some magical powers.   Angels are rarely found outside of the Celestial Heavens as the barrier between it and the other planes of existence seems much stronger. It is not impossible for angels to travel to other planes of existence, it appears to require greater resources and is strenuous for the angel.   In their rare interactions with mortal races, angels have greatly varied in their nature; some have been compassionate and caring, others cruel and violent, and still others cold and heartless. It has been put forward that angels are celestial creatures that fully embody the deity they serve, be they good or evil, lawful or chaotic. Whatever their true nature, angels do seem to have unique personalities and initiatives of their own.   Throughout Runetalras there are so few reports of how angels organise their society that we must accept that at the present time we say we simply do not know.   There are various stories, myths, and legends as to how angels came to exist; most broadly agree that it is the deities that created the angels to serve them. However, another contents that the celestials, of which the angels are a race, came into existence separately to the deities perhaps even before them.  

The Balance

The Balance is a philosophy known to only a few well informed individuals. It contends that the universe must exist in a state where good and evil, law and chaos are in state equilibrium where none is significantly more powerful than the other. They argue that while angels can be agents of good, mortals cannot exist in a universe that is wholly good as it not the nature of life, as such even angel can be enemies.

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