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The Cosmological Clock

The Cosmological Clock is incredibly old and incredibly complex. So much so, that no one now knows how it worked or how to fix it. The clock has been broken for over one hundred and twenty-six years and in all that time no one has been able to get it running again. Its construction dates back to the time of the Sorcerer-Kings. It was under the direction of one of them, Umagra-Shoth, that the Cosmological Clocktower was raised and the clock within built.

Part of the reason is the Cosmological Clock is so complex, it doesn't just tell the time of day, it tells so much more. It tells the month, date, and year. It tells the position of the planets and other celestial bodies. In addition, it also tells the positions of the planes of existence and their relation to each other. The sides of the clocktower are covered with multiple disks of colored glass that interlock with each other. When the clock was working, the various disks would turn to show the advance of time and movement of the planes. It is also decorated with gargoyles is the forms of various extraplanar creatures like angels and demons.

Now the clock is stuck in place. It stopped exactly 111 years, to the day, before the meteor struck the city.

Social Impact

The Clocktower the clock is housed in is one of the oldest structures in Drakkenheim.
Umagra-Shoth, one of the Sorcerer-Kings
Access & Availability
The Cosmological Clock is one of a kind and is built into the Cosmological Clocktower.
The Cosmological Clock is incredibly complex and no one now living knows how it works.

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