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Sorcerer-King (He/him)

Umagra-Shoth was one of the Sorcerer-Kings who ruled during the previous age. Legend says he wrested control of the Ebon Tower after murdering his former master and that he ruled for hundreds of years by prolonging his life by feeding off the life force of his subjects. He created the The Cosmological Clock in the city that would one day be called Drakkenheim. Castle Drakken stands where the Ebon Tower once stood.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Legend has it that Umagra-Shoth consumed the souls of his people in order to prolong his own life.

Specialized Equipment

During his reign, Umagra-Shoth carried a glowing green orb whenever he left his tower. So iconic was the orb, that it came to be associated with him and was known as the Orb of Umagra-Shoth. Whether he created it or found it is unknown.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Umagra-Shoth was one of the Sorcerer-Kings and ruled the area that is now northern Westemar. He built a great mage tower overlooking his capital city. He built the Cosmological Clocktower and the The Cosmological Clock, a feat of magical engineering unmatched, then or now.


Umagra-Shoth killed his master, the former Lord of the Ebon Tower, and fought a brutal magical war against his fellow mages to claim the title and the tower for himself. Legends told in Caspia and Elyria say he enslaved a dragon that he would ride into battle.

Wealth & Financial state

In some stories, the wealth of Umagra-Shoth was swallowed up when his tower collapsed, in others it was given back to the people he had ruled.
Current Status
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Ebon Tower Fallen King Sleeper Below
Circumstances of Death
Slain by Saint Tarna
Place of Death
Related Myths

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