As I stood in the dimly lit chamber, my eyes traced the intricate patterns etched into the stone floor. They were Ley Lines, the veins of Rolara, pulsating with arcane energy. With a deep breath, I extended my hand, my fingers lightly touching the glowing lines. A surge of power coursed through me, as if the very essence of the realm was whispering its ancient secrets into my soul.   "Be cautious," I reminded myself. The Ley Lines were not just sources of power; they were also conduits of balance, their misuse capable of tearing the fabric of reality itself. I chanted an incantation, my voice harmonizing with the ethereal hum of the Ley Lines. Arcane symbols materialized in the air, their luminescence casting shadows that danced like restless spirits.   For a moment, I felt a profound connection to the realm, as if I were a thread woven into the tapestry of Rolara's destiny. It was a reminder of the responsibility that came with my arcane gifts, a burden and a privilege that I carried as a Wizard in this complex, ever-changing world.



In the arcane tapestry of Rolara, the Wizard stands as a seeker of hidden truths, a scholar of the ineffable. The path to becoming a Wizard is not merely a quest for power but a journey into the profound mysteries of the universe.  


  The first step in this odyssey often begins with an apprenticeship under a more experienced Wizard. During this formative period, the apprentice is introduced to the basics of Magic. They learn to tap into the Weave, the underlying fabric of magical energy, and to channel this energy into rudimentary spells. The apprentice also gains literacy in magical scripts and begins to understand the fundamental laws that govern the use of magic, such as the Square-Cube Law.  

Independent Study

  Upon the completion of the apprenticeship, the aspirant is expected to continue their arcane studies independently. This is a time of solitary delving into ancient tomes, of experimentation with spells, and of initial specialization in a particular school of magic.  

Modern Adaptations

  In contemporary Rolara, Wizards have become a rarity. However, in distant lands like Jiaohai and Al-Zaluma, new adaptations have emerged. In Jiaohai, for instance, Wizards known as Wu jen bypass the seal on magic by using ki to power their spells. In Al-Zaluma, the Magi continue the tradition of ancient Mystics and Wizards, albeit with limited power.   The Wizard, then, is not merely a practitioner of magic but a lifelong student of the arcane, a testament to the interconnectedness of all things. They are the keepers of Rolara's magical heritage and the key to its future.

Career Progression

From humble beginnings as apprentices to the lofty heights of Archmage status, the career of a Wizard in Rolara is a journey through ever-increasing layers of complexity and power.  

Apprenticeship Phase

  The initial phase of apprenticeship serves as the crucible where raw talent is refined. Under the tutelage of a seasoned Wizard, apprentices learn the rudiments of spellcasting and magical theory. Successful completion of this phase often culminates in a ritual or test, marking the apprentice's transition to independent practice.  

Journeyman Wizard

  Upon gaining independence, the Wizard enters the journeyman phase. During this period, they apply their arcane knowledge in practical scenarios, often taking on quests or tasks that demand magical solutions. Success in these endeavors earns them recognition and, occasionally, entry into magical societies or guilds.  

Master Wizard

  Years of study and successful application of Magic may lead to the status of a Master Wizard. These individuals are recognized for their expertise in specific schools of magic or for their innovative spellcraft. Master Wizards often take on apprentices of their own, passing down their accumulated wisdom.  


  The pinnacle of a Wizard's career is the attainment of the title of Archmage. This revered status is reserved for those who have made groundbreaking contributions to the field of magic. Archmages are often consulted in matters of great import and may serve as advisors to rulers or high councils.  

Special Cases

  Modern Rolara presents unique challenges and opportunities. Wizards who have adapted to the limitations imposed by the sealing of magic, such as the Wu jen of Jiaohai or the Magi of Al-Zaluma, have carved out specialized roles that allow them to continue practicing magic in a restricted environment.

Payment & Reimbursement

Monetary Compensation

  Gold and gems often find their way into a Wizard's coffers, especially when their magical services are enlisted for quests, magical research, or consultation. The rarity of their skills ensures that their fees are often substantial.  

Magical Artifacts

  Beyond mere coin, Wizards are frequently compensated with magical artifacts, enchanted scrolls, and rare spell components. These items not only serve as payment but also enhance the Wizard's own magical capabilities.  

Land and Titles

  In some cases, particularly when a Wizard has rendered a service of great import, they may be granted land or even noble titles. Such rewards offer not just material wealth but also social standing.  

Alchemical Ingredients

  Especially in lands like Jiaohai and Al-Zaluma, Wizards may receive rare alchemical ingredients as payment. These exotic substances can be used for spellcasting, potion-making, or sold for a high price.  

Access to Arcane Knowledge

  Though not a 'material' reward in the traditional sense, access to hidden libraries and arcane secrets is a form of compensation that many Wizards highly value. Such knowledge can often be bartered for other forms of material wealth.
Player Class
Alternative Names
Wu jen, Magus, Mage, Arcanist


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