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Water Clock of Recursion

This magical water clock was used by an ancient witch. Upon learning her betrothed would die before their wedding, she sought to extend their final moments together.
  In the area around this ancient device, the flow of time is warped significantly. Once the clock starts, a field extends 5 miles in every direction around it. When the clock ends, everyone and everything inside the field are put back to the way they were at the beginning of the countdown, and the clock starts again. In this way, the surrounding land becomes trapped in a repeating cycle of one hour in time.
  Only the person who starts the clock can remember what happens during each one hour cycle. This same person can end the cycle as an action. Those who enter the magical field after the clock begins to countdown must make a DC 18 Wisdom save or be trapped in the loop. Those who make the saving throw aren't reset when the clock does. Other than intervention from the one who started the clock, only a Wish spell can break the object's magic.
  Killing the one who starts the clock does nothing. Once the time is out, the clock starts time over to one hour prior. This means the clock-starter will be alive again and have the memory of their demise intact.
Item type
Unique Artifact
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