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Time Deity

The Eternal Watch: Guardianship of Time in Rolara

In the vast cosmic bureaucracy of Rolara, one office stands timeless, an anomaly amidst the ceaseless ebb and flow of reality. This is the seat of the Chronomaster, the arbiter of time, the keeper of hours and eras.   The Chronomaster's office is an ethereal landscape, a seemingly endless expanse of desks and hourglasses, each ticking in synchrony with a distinct thread of time. Every desk marks a different timeline, every hourglass a different epoch. Grand clocks adorn the walls, their hands dancing in rhythm with the universe's heartbeat.   At the center, amidst the labyrinth of time, sits the Chronomaster. Their eyes gaze into the shifting sands of the hourglasses, perceiving the past, the present, and the future simultaneously. Their hands deftly flip the hourglasses, ensuring the smooth progression of time across the multiverse.   The Chronomaster is not just a role, but a mantle worn by beings of various dispositions and philosophies. Knowledge seekers and guardians of order, entities of change, and power seekers - all have held this office, each shaping time in their unique manner. The journey to this seat involves a deep understanding of time and its intricacies, a test of one's capacity to manipulate and navigate its currents.   But the Chronomaster's seat is not without its perils. The burden of eternity can weigh heavily, the ceaseless flow of time becoming a relentless tide. A dereliction of duty or a threat to time itself can lead to dismissal, a disconnection from the fabric of time. The absence of a Chronomaster can cause reality to fracture, temporal anomalies to occur, and cosmic balance to falter.   Yet, a Chronomaster can also choose to lay down the mantle. The first to do so sought to experience the fleeting nature of mortal life, a poignant yearning born from witnessing countless lifetimes. This voluntary abdication set a precedent, reinforcing that the Chronomaster's role is not an eternal sentence but a responsibility that can be relinquished when the time is right.   Step into the world of Rolara, where time is not just a measure but a cosmic entity, a divine office waiting to be filled. Will you strive to understand its complexities, or perhaps aspire to become the next Chronomaster? Only time will tell.


The path to becoming the Chronomaster is not one taken lightly, and few possess the qualities and traits necessary to oversee the intricate dance of time's infinite threads. Here are the qualifications a prospective Chronomaster must have:  
  1. Temporal Comprehension
    A deep understanding of the nature of time is paramount. This involves recognizing its fluidity, its ceaseless forward march, its cyclical patterns, and its potential for divergence and convergence. The Chronomaster must perceive all aspects of time, including its anomalies and paradoxes.
  3. Mastery of Manipulation
    Potential Chronomasters must exhibit an ability to manipulate time's flow. This could include creating temporal loops, accelerating or decelerating time, and even navigating their own past and future. The ability to correct temporal anomalies is also crucial.
  5. Indomitable Will
    The role of Chronomaster requires a being of strong will. They must be capable of withstanding the pressure of bearing witness to all moments simultaneously without losing their sense of self or purpose.
  7. Precision and Order
    The Chronomaster must display a knack for precision and order, necessary for maintaining the correct flow of time and keeping meticulous records in the Eternal Chronology.
  9. Benevolent Detachment
    While not necessarily aloof, the Chronomaster must be capable of maintaining a certain level of detachment. They should be able to observe the rise and fall of civilizations, the birth and death of stars, and all events of significance or insignificance without undue emotional involvement.
  11. Potential for Growth and Change
    A good Chronomaster understands that they, too, are subject to time's influence. They must be capable of growth and willing to adapt to change, even if it means eventually stepping down from their position.
  The office of the Chronomaster is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the power-hungry. It requires a unique blend of wisdom, patience, and insight. It demands a being who can comprehend and navigate the intricate weave of time, ensuring its smooth flow across the multiverse. The role is both a grand responsibility and a unique privilege, held only by those truly worthy.


The process of elevating a being to the rank of Chronomaster is a complex and highly significant event in Rolara's cosmic order. The ritual, known as the Sands of Eternity, is overseen by a celestial council composed of divine beings who embody cosmic fundamental forces. The council, including entities like Yan, the King of Death and Hell, and Mechanus, the Primarch of Order, ensure that the process is carried out with precision and sanctity.  

Phases of Eternity

Here are the primary stages of the Sands of Eternity ritual:  
  1. The Gathering of the Celestial Council
    This council of cosmic entities convenes at a predetermined location that exists outside of conventional time and space, often referred to as the "@Tempor". Each member represents a fundamental force in the multiverse, and their collective approval is required to bestow the title of Chronomaster.
  3. Invocation of the Temporal Nexus
    The council initiates the ritual by invoking the Temporal Nexus, a realm where time in its entirety can be perceived. This is a space where past, present, and future intertwine, and the flow of time is visibly represented in myriad threads of shimmering light.
  5. The Test of Time
    The candidate for Chronomaster is subjected to the Test of Time. This is a series of challenges designed to assess their understanding and manipulation of time. The exact nature of the trials varies, but they are always tailored to test the candidate's readiness to assume the mantle of Chronomaster.
  7. Declaration of the Chronomaster
    If the candidate passes the Test of Time, they are presented to the Celestial Council. After deliberation, if the council unanimously approves, they declare the candidate as the new Chronomaster. This is a solemn moment marked by the ringing of a cosmic bell, its sound resonating across the multiverse.
  9. The Transfer of the Divine Hourglass
    The current Chronomaster (or the council, if the office is vacant) hands over the Divine Hourglass to the new appointee. This is more than a symbol—it's a powerful artifact that allows the Chronomaster to perceive and manipulate all timelines. The moment the new Chronomaster takes hold of the Hourglass, they become attuned to the rhythms of the multiverse, aware of every tick and tock in every corner of existence.
  11. The Oath of Eternity
    The new Chronomaster takes the Oath of Eternity, swearing to uphold the flow of time and maintain the balance of the cosmos. The exact words of the oath have been passed down through countless cycles of time and are known only to the Chronomasters and the Celestial Council.
  This sacred ritual is a spectacle to behold, a rare event that marks a significant shift in the cosmic order. Every moment, from the initiation to the oath, is meticulously recorded in the annals of eternity, witnessed by the cosmos and etched into the fabric of time itself.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Just as the sands of time are ceaseless, so too is the need for change, even within the celestial office of the Chronomaster. Under certain circumstances, the Chronomaster can be removed or dismissed from their position, a process as complex and significant as their appointment.  

Causes for Dismissal

  The dismissal of a Chronomaster is a grave decision, taken only when the balance of time itself is at stake. Here are some situations that might warrant such an action:  
  1. Dereliction of Duty
    A Chronomaster who neglects their responsibilities, resulting in temporal anomalies or disruptions in the flow of time, can be dismissed. This could include failing to maintain the Eternal Chronology, causing unnecessary temporal loops, or not addressing critical time paradoxes.
  3. Threat to Time
    A Chronomaster who uses their powers to manipulate time for personal gain or to cause significant harm to the multiverse can be deemed a threat. This misuse of power goes against the Chronomaster's oath and can lead to their dismissal.
  5. Loss of Qualifications
    If a Chronomaster loses the traits and abilities required for their role, such as losing their grip on the comprehension of time or their ability to manipulate it, they can be removed from their position.

The Dismissal Process

  The process of dismissing a Chronomaster, known as the Reversal of the Sands, is a solemn event overseen by the Celestial Council. The Chronomaster is stripped of their power, their connection to the Divine Hourglass severed. They are returned to their original state of existence, with no memories of their time in office to prevent any lingering influence over time's flow.  

Unintended Consequences

  The dismissal of a Chronomaster is not without its risks. Here are some potential unintended consequences:  
  • Temporal Instability
    The sudden absence of a Chronomaster can cause temporal instability. Time might flow inconsistently, resulting in periods of accelerated or slowed time, or even localized time loops.
  • Temporal Paradoxes
    Without a Chronomaster to oversee the resolution of temporal paradoxes, these anomalies might proliferate, causing confusion and potentially leading to fractures in the fabric of reality.
  • Power Vacuum
    The removal of a Chronomaster leaves a power vacuum that other cosmic entities might seek to exploit, leading to cosmic struggles that could disrupt the balance of the multiverse.
  While the dismissal of a Chronomaster is a last resort, it's a necessary mechanism to ensure the continued smooth flow of time. It's a reminder that even the keepers of time are not above the cosmic laws they uphold.

Notable Holders

Over the eons, many beings have held the title of Chronomaster, each imprinting their unique influence on the annals of time. Here are three such notable figures:  


  Aion, the first known Chronomaster, was a being of immense wisdom and foresight. Despite the overwhelming nature of the office, Aion set the standards and principles that would guide future Chronomasters, establishing the Eternal Chronology and introducing the concept of the Temporal Nexus.  


  Tempus, the seventh Chronomaster, was known for his precision and unyielding adherence to order. His reign was marked by a time of stability in the multiverse, with the lowest recorded instances of temporal anomalies. His unflinching commitment to the rules made him a respected and impactful figure in the office.  


  Era, the most recent former Chronomaster, was a being of change and adaptability. Her tenure saw numerous shifts in the cosmic order, including significant fluctuations in time's flow. Era embraced these changes, demonstrating a flexibility unseen in her predecessors and leaving an indelible mark on the multiverse's temporal landscape.
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