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In the unfathomable depths of the multiverse, where the boundaries of law and chaos blur into a discordant symphony, lies the plane of Gehenna. A realm of treacherous slopes and relentless heat, Gehenna is a testament to the unyielding harshness of existence, a place where survival is a constant uphill battle, both literally and metaphorically.   The Fourfold Furnaces, as Gehenna is also known, is a realm of four layers, each a vast, sloping landscape. The layers, named Khalas, Chamada, Mungoth, and Krangath, are a panorama of jagged mountains, their peaks wreathed in the glow of molten lava. The terrain is a tumultuous sea of stone, constantly shifting and changing under the relentless onslaught of landslides and avalanches. The air is thick with ash and smoke, the sky an eternal twilight of swirling red and black, illuminated by the hellish glow of countless volcanoes and rivers of lava.   Gravity here is a cruel mistress, pulling everything inexorably down the slopes. Every step is a struggle against the pull of the plane itself, every construction a defiance of the world's desire to slide into the fiery rivers that carve their way through the stone. The heat is a constant, oppressive force, a wall of scorching air that leaves the throat parched and the skin blistered.   Yet, Gehenna is not devoid of life. It is the home of the yugoloths, fiends born of the plane's ruthless nature. Night hags and rakshasas stalk the slopes, their forms silhouetted against the fiery glow of the landscape. Even gods make their home here, drawn to the plane's unique alignment of law and chaos.   Magic in Gehenna is as unpredictable as the plane itself. Spells of fire and earth find their power magnified, roaring to life with a fervor that mirrors the plane's own relentless energy. In contrast, magic of air and water is stifled, struggling against the oppressive heat and the plane's inherent nature.   Gehenna is a realm of extremes, a testament to the raw, untamed power of the multiverse. It is a place of danger and treachery, where survival is a constant struggle and every moment is a battle against the world itself. Yet, for those who dare to brave its slopes, it is a place of unparalleled adventure and challenge, a realm where every victory, no matter how small, is a triumph against the very forces of existence.

Localized Phenomena

In Gehenna, the plane's inherent nature of ruthless self-interest and harsh survival manifests in unique localized phenomena that reflect its fiery landscape and the relentless struggle for existence.  

The Fourfold Furnaces

  One of the most striking phenomena in Gehenna are the Fourfold Furnaces, the four layers of Gehenna known as Khalas, Chamada, Mungoth, and Krangath. Each layer is a realm of volcanic activity, with rivers of lava, geysers of flame, and mountains that belch smoke and ash. These furnaces are more than just physical locations; they are manifestations of the plane's inherent harshness and the relentless struggle for survival.  

The Gravity Wells

  Another unique phenomenon in Gehenna is the Gravity Wells. In this plane, gravity is not a fixed force, but a localized phenomenon. Each mountain has its own gravity well, pulling everything towards its surface. This means that one can walk on the sides or even the underside of a mountain, a disorienting experience for newcomers. These Gravity Wells are a testament to the plane's ruthless self-interest, where even the laws of physics are bent to serve the plane's harsh nature.  

The River Styx

  The River Styx, which winds its way through Gehenna, is another manifestation of the plane's nature. The river carries lost souls to their final rest, but in Gehenna, it is a treacherous path, often flowing uphill and disappearing into the sides of mountains. The sight of these souls, struggling against the river's current, is a chilling reminder of the plane's ruthless self-interest.  

The Absence of Safe Havens

  In Gehenna, there are no safe havens. Every inch of the plane is a potential danger, from the rivers of lava to the geysers of flame. This absence of safety contributes to the plane's sense of ruthless self-interest and the relentless struggle for survival.   These localized phenomena are a testament to the harshness and ruthless self-interest of Gehenna, a plane where survival is a constant struggle and mercy is a forgotten concept. As adventurers or Dungeon Masters, understanding these phenomena is key to navigating the plane and interacting with its inhabitants.  
Optional Rule: Cruel Hindrance
  The plane‚Äôs cruel nature makes it difficult for visitors to help one another. Whenever a visitor casts a spell with a beneficial effect, including a spell that restores hit points or removes a condition, the caster must first make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, the spell fails, the spell slot is expended, and the action is wasted.
Lawful/Neutral Evil
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species


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