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Elder Deity

In the annals of Rolara's cosmic history, the term "Elder Deities" refers to a distinct class of divine beings who have transcended the limitations of the world they once influenced. These deities have ventured into the enigmatic Far Realm, a place of incomprehensible geometry and madness-inducing landscapes. Their departure from Rolara is often shrouded in myth and legend, leaving behind a legacy that is as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying.   The Elder Deities are not merely absent figures; they are active participants in a cosmic drama that unfolds beyond the scope of mortal understanding. Though they reside in the Far Realm, their influence is felt in subtle and often inexplicable ways. It is said that their ancient wisdom and power are imprinted in the very fabric of Rolara, manifesting in phenomena that defy logical explanation.   The journey to the Far Realm is not merely a physical relocation but a metaphysical transformation. Elder Deities undergo a process of cosmic evolution, shedding their previous identities and embracing new forms that are as bewildering as they are magnificent. This transformation is often reflected in the myths and rituals that surround them, capturing the imagination of mortals who dare to ponder the unfathomable.   In essence, the Elder Deities serve as cosmic anchors, linking Rolara to realms beyond mortal comprehension. They are the keepers of ancient secrets, the architects of reality's hidden layers, and the harbingers of mysteries yet to be revealed. Their existence challenges the boundaries of knowledge and faith, inviting those who seek to understand the cosmos to venture into realms of wonder and terror.
Religious, Special


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