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In the boundless expanse of the multiverse, there exists a plane where the clamor of war is replaced by the roar of the crowd, where the clash of swords gives way to the clash of competition. Welcome to Acheron, the Plane of Disciplined Conflict.   Acheron is a realm where the battlefield is a sports field, where warriors are athletes, and where conflict is a game. It is a plane of vast stadiums and grand arenas, each one a monument to the spirit of competition. The air here vibrates with the energy of countless spectators, their cheers and jeers echoing across the plane.   The inhabitants of Acheron are as diverse as the multiverse itself. They are athletes and coaches, spectators and officials, each one dedicated to their chosen sport. They come from all corners of the multiverse, drawn to Acheron by their love of competition and their desire to test their skills against the best.   In Acheron, the games are everything. They are a test of skill and strategy, of physical prowess and mental toughness. The rules are strict, and the competition is fierce. But it is also fair. Cheating is not tolerated in Acheron, and unsportsmanlike conduct is swiftly punished. In this plane, victory is earned through hard work, teamwork, and fair play.   But Acheron is more than just a plane of sports. It is a place of growth and self-improvement, where athletes strive to better themselves and their teams. It is a place where heroes are made, where legends are born. It is a place where the spirit of competition is a way of life, and where the thrill of the game is the greatest reward.   So, whether you are a player seeking a new challenge, a spectator looking for a thrilling game, or a Dungeon Master crafting a unique campaign, Acheron awaits. It is a plane of endless possibilities, a testament to the power of competition, and a beacon of disciplined conflict in the vast multiverse.


Acheron, the Plane of Disciplined Conflict, is a realm where the natural and the constructed coexist in a harmonious blend of order and function. The geography of Acheron is as disciplined and structured as the games that are played here, a testament to the plane's inherent nature of lawful neutrality.   The Stadiums and Arenas The most striking feature of Acheron's geography is its vast stadiums and arenas. These structures are marvels of architectural design, each one constructed with a meticulous attention to detail. The stadiums are arranged in a predictable and orderly layout, with each league having its own designated area. The arenas vary in size and design, reflecting the different sports that are played in Acheron. Despite their imposing size, these structures blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, their stone and metalwork echoing the hues and textures of the surrounding environment.   The Training Fields Scattered throughout Acheron are countless training fields, each one tailored to the needs of the athletes and the demands of their sport. These fields are a blend of natural and constructed elements, with grassy plains and sandy pits coexisting with constructed tracks and obstacle courses. The layout of these fields is as predictable and orderly as the rest of the plane, with each sport having its own designated training area.   The Natural Landscape Despite its focus on order and structure, Acheron is not devoid of natural beauty. The plane is interspersed with lush grasslands, tranquil lakes, and towering mountains, providing a stark contrast to the rigid order of the stadiums and arenas. These natural features are not mere decorations, but serve a functional purpose. The grasslands serve as open training fields, the lakes are used for water sports, and the mountains provide a challenging terrain for endurance training.   The Leagues The leagues of Acheron are not just a hierarchical structure of competition, but also a geographical division of the plane. Each league has its own designated area, with its stadiums, arenas, and training fields. The higher leagues are located in the more prestigious areas, with grander stadiums and more challenging training fields.   In Acheron, geography is not just about the layout of the land, but also about the organization of the games. The plane's geography reflects its inherent nature of order and discipline, providing a structured and functional environment for the athletes and spectators who inhabit it.

Localized Phenomena

In Acheron, the Plane of Disciplined Conflict, the very essence of the plane manifests in a variety of localized phenomena. These manifestations of Acheron's raw nature are as disciplined and structured as the plane itself, reflecting its inherent nature of lawful neutrality.   The Echoes of Victory One of the most common phenomena in Acheron is the Echoes of Victory. Whenever a game is won, the cheers of the crowd and the triumphant roars of the victors echo throughout the plane, resonating with the energy of the plane itself. These echoes can be heard for miles, serving as a constant reminder of the thrill of victory and the spirit of competition.   The Lights of Fair Play In Acheron, fair play is not just a principle, but a tangible force. Whenever a game is played with utmost fairness and sportsmanship, the plane itself responds with the Lights of Fair Play. These are ethereal lights that illuminate the stadium, their brightness reflecting the level of fairness and sportsmanship displayed in the game. The lights are a beautiful sight, casting a warm, golden glow over the field and the spectators.   The Winds of Challenge The Winds of Challenge are a unique phenomenon in Acheron. These are gusts of wind that sweep across the training fields, increasing in strength and speed as the athletes push their limits. The winds provide an additional challenge to the athletes, testing their endurance and resilience.  
Optional Rule: Bloodlust
  Acheron rewards a creature for harming other creatures by imbuing that creature with the strength to keep fighting. While on Acheron, a creature gains temporary hit points equal to half its hit point maximum whenever it reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points.   The Pillars of Discipline In certain areas of Acheron, towering pillars of light can be seen reaching towards the sky. These are the Pillars of Discipline, manifestations of the plane's inherent nature of lawful neutrality. The pillars serve as a beacon for the athletes, guiding them towards their training fields and stadiums.   The Veil of Respect Finally, there is the Veil of Respect. This is a soft, ethereal mist that descends upon the field at the end of a game, symbolizing the respect between the competitors. The veil is a reminder of the values of respect and sportsmanship, values that are held in high regard in Acheron.   These localized phenomena are a testament to the unique nature of Acheron, a plane where the spirit of competition and the principles of fair play are not just ideals, but tangible forces that shape the plane and its inhabitants.


The Ultimate Sporting Destination

Acheron, the Plane of Disciplined Conflict, is not just a realm of athletes and warriors. It is also a prime destination for extraplanar tourists, offering a unique and thrilling experience for spectators of all kinds.   The Spectacle of the Games The games in Acheron are a spectacle like no other. From the thrilling matches in the vast stadiums to the intense training sessions in the open fields, there is always something to see in Acheron. The plane is home to a wide variety of sports, each with its own unique rules and strategies, providing endless entertainment for the spectators.   The Grandeur of the Stadiums The stadiums of Acheron are a sight to behold. These grand structures are marvels of architecture, each one designed with meticulous attention to detail. The stadiums are not just venues for the games, but also attractions in their own right, drawing tourists with their imposing facades and intricate designs.   The Energy of the Crowd There is nothing quite like the energy of a crowd in Acheron. The cheers of the spectators, the chants of the fans, the roar of the crowd as the teams take the field - these are experiences that can only be found in Acheron. The plane's inherent nature of lawful neutrality ensures that the crowd is always respectful and sportsmanlike, adding to the enjoyment of the games.   The Thrill of Competition For those who love competition, Acheron is the ultimate destination. The plane offers a chance to witness the highest level of competition, to see the best athletes from across the multiverse test their skills against each other. Whether you are a fan of team sports, individual sports, or even exotic sports, Acheron has something for you.   The Journey of Self-Improvement Finally, a visit to Acheron is not just about watching the games. It is also a journey of self-improvement. The discipline and dedication of the athletes, the spirit of fair play, the thrill of competition - these are lessons that can be learned in Acheron. For those who are willing to learn, a visit to Acheron can be a transformative experience.   So, whether you are a sports fan, a thrill-seeker, or a student of life, Acheron awaits. It is a plane of disciplined conflict, a realm of endless competition, and the ultimate sporting destination in the multiverse.
Lawful Neutral/Evil
Plane of Existence
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