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The Sword of Karith



Blade of Sir Karith, the founder of The Knights of the Sun.   This legendary blade is passed from Grandmaster to Grandmaster of the knights and is the main symbol of the Order.  


The scabbard is made of smooth russet leather with ornate runes embossed into its length. The hilt of the sword, big enough to enable the weapon to be wielded with two hands if desired, is wound around with steel wire, which is polished to a sparkle. The cross piece is of some unknown, light material, edged with steel. Three diamonds complete the hilt; two small ones at the ends of the cross piece and a large on at the end of the hilt.   From tip to cross-piece the blade is a dull metallic colour. Etched deep into the centre of the blade are runes of power. The blade never shines, no matter how much it is polished and the edge is always razor sharp.
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Weapon, Melee
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