Overseer Titus

The leader of Baron Arbek’s Enforcers is an ex-Rodinian soldier called Titus. He still wears the uniform of his old position, and a well travelled observer would note the faded markings of “One of a Hundred” on his shoulders. Titus is a small, slight figure, yet he has an imposing personality. He is humourless, serious and uncompromising. He expects nothing but the best from his Enforcers, and is the only Overseer to actually release his men if they are not up to his expected levels. As such, his Enforcers are thin on the ground, but highly trained and motivated. Titus uses the short blade favoured by the Rodinia Legionnaires with incredible dexterity. He teaches his men to fight with skill and agility, or brute force, depending on what best fits the warrior. Titus has recently built a training facility on the outskirts of Paradin, which he hopes will increase his ability to get more Enforcers trained up to his exacting levels.
Current Location