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Tullion Roth

Saa Osiros (a.k.a. Tullion Roth, or simply Dr. Roth)

“It was unfortunate. His body survived the ordeal but the stress on his spirit was too great. He passed quietly last night”   Another job complete. The dead man was returned to his family, but the doctor had nothing to fear, his deception would not be uncovered by anyone in this town. Not that many were suspicious. He was a good doctor after all, ailments both physical and spiritual were easy fixes for him. The doctor knew of many illnesses and injuries that are untreatable by normal means, but he had yet to be introduced to any. Each mistake was carefully enacted, a dosage of medicine too low, a cut that went mere millimeters too deep. The doctor knew what made men tick, he was simply paid to make some men’s ticking stop. It had never weighed on his consciousness. They were always bad men, criminals, drug dealers, womanizers, and thugs. That is what his guild told him, that is what he believed.   The truth was a twisted as the words he used to comfort the relatives of those he had killed. His last mark opened his eyes to what he truly had been doing all these years. It was a simple task. First a fellow assassin would poison the target. It was a fast-acting tincture, its effects like that of a harsh illness to the untrained eye. A well-trained doctor would notice the differences. The poisoning would occur nearby, inevitably leading the target to the doctor’s practise. One prescription of bed rest and the wrong medication was all that it would take.   A knock on the door. The doctor was greeted by a man carrying a sick child, a normal sight this time of year. The doctor wasn’t worried about it interrupting the impending assassination. The standard procedure, a few questions followed by an examination of the patient. The doctor was a bit confused, his target should have arrived by now.   “We were just having lunch when he fell ill” exclaimed the man, “I don’t know what could have happened”   Silence followed.   The doctor looked carefully at the child. The symptoms, their sudden appearance, it could only point to one thing. This child was his mark.   A simple prescription; bed rest and a small amount of medicine. He turned to the boy   “Don’t worry little one, you won’t have to suffer through this for long”   And to the man he gave a note, one he was not to read until he was safe at home. No payment was accepted despite the mans insistence. The two left, another job complete.   The doctor sighed, he had little time. He gathered his belongings and prepared for the long road ahead. What he had done, what he had revealed, would have them on a path for vengeance. Until then all he could do was continue his practice, do his best to do some good for this world, before all that he has done catches up to him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Roth is a tall, slim and fit man of Madras. He has a slight slouch from years of working in his medical practice.

Body Features

Skin tone is that of lightly roasted almonds

Facial Features

Slim, sharp, features and a tired visage

Physical quirks

In moments of stress he will fidget with his Icon of the Stranger

Special abilities

While Roth is a skilled Assassin, he is blessed with the powers of the Stranger. They grant him both the great power to heal, and to do harm like he could never before.

Apparel & Accessories

His dark studded leather armor is well fitted, and on his shoulders rests a well kept grey cloak. He wears around his neck a silver icon of the stranger. He holds himself with a calm and confident posture, but an insightful observer can see inklings of doubt and worry in his eyes. While he keeps most of his belongings in his pack, on his hips rest two short swords alongside a hand crossbow, and in one hand you will always find his doctors bag.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Roth finds solace in a simple philosophy. The Stranger's commandments are to be upheld and it is his duty to do away with any who would violate them.   Beyond that he seeks to do good as a means of atonement for his prior actions. He would never turn away the sick or needy, putting use to the gold he gathers insatiably.


Defying the commandments of the Stranger, extending ones life, defilement of the dead, preventing the passage of souls into the viel.   Harming those who are innocent, or children.
Dark Brown
Short, Brown


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