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Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mordollwen is fit and agile, with good endurance, balance and very quick reflexes. Her hourglass-shaped body is a thing of beauty.

Body Features

Caucasian, medium-length autumn hair

Facial Features

Sharp facial features, thick lips, elongated ears, thin eyebrows

Identifying Characteristics

Pitch-black eyes, an overwhelming amount of tattoos all over her body, charcoal-colored nails. Two large, brown, feathered wings.

Special abilities

Minor magical abilities, teleportation through shadows, wings that offer the ability to fly, minor ki-related powers.

Apparel & Accessories

Hairbands, fashionable rings wristbands and amulets, a very long robe with a hood and a pair of sandals. Her clothing has a rather dark tone to it, with her accessories favoring a lighter one. No clothes underneath her robe.

Specialized Equipment

A black-porcelain bangle worn on her left arm, Cartographer tools, a shortbow and arrows.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mordollwen was born in the Shardscape, an Avariel of beauty fit for legend, but with a heart of darkness that took advantage of her appearance to influence the will of others. Born in darkness, she had a natural affinity to it, eventually learning how to use it to her advantage in whatever way possible. Eventually she came across the mysterious entity known as 'The Shard Keeper', who offered to take her in, protect her from the dangers of the Shardscape, and teach her how to fight and survive on her own. The wisdom of the 'Shard Keeper' taught her many things but sadly Mordollwen, 'Dark As Night' as the Shard Keeper called her, quickly realized that she possessed an advantage over other creatures; She was beauty incarnate. Her greed took over and she became vain beyond measure. Wandering the vastness of the Shardscape she made many friends, but many more enemies, using creatures as if they were puppets made for her own vices. It was not long until she found herself chased by those she tricked, begging the Shard Keeper himself to protect her. So he did, but that would never teach Mordollwen the fault of her actions. What Mordollwen considered to be the most horrible punishment imaginable was to lose her beauty, which the Shard Keeper took away. With his magic, he turned her fingernails the color of charcoal, her skin the color of man, her hair fell and became thin and dry, her eyes lost their brightness and became pitch-black, and as if that was not enough, her body was scarred by horrible tattoos carved on her through eldritch energy. The physical pain was much less than the mental trauma that she felt, but she accepted her punishment, realizing her faults and carrying her scars from that day on to remind her of her sins. Leaving the Shardscape behind her, she hopes to one day find a way to make the Shard Keeper proud of her, and regain his approval.

Gender Identity

Mordollwen identifies as an Avariel Female.


Mordollwen is straight.


Has studied in many libraries around the world, but has received no formal education whatsoever.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Has aided in the defeat of the green dragon Nalaa, liberate the Veshka from her rule, and found their secret town in the forests of the Dwarven-Dominion Lands. Has successfully mapped a part of the Dwarven Holds. Has helped in keeping the Fleshweaver away from the grasp of the Voiceless. Has found Annwn, the Golden Dragon, after traversing his maze. Has defeated a galbadian juggernaut. Has fought off the Wyrlec on several occasions. Has defeated the Dark Infant, then tried to absorb it's essence of pain and suffering of a thousand orphans. Has witnessed the rise of The Great Devourer.

Mental Trauma

Tends to feel Self-Loathe.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical & Intellectual

Morality & Philosophy

Mordollwen believes in freedom of choice, will & opinion. She also believes that patience is indeed a virtue, but not to the point where it becomes complacency. Everyone should have the right to experience and learn as much as possible and seek out their own goals, as long as they accept the consequences of their actions and they cause no unneeded harm unto others.


Mordollwen has a very personal gripe against slavery and complacency, as well as bullying. She considers Greed, Sloth and Lust to be the three greatest sins.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good with history, map-making as well as many things Shardscape-related. Is pretty much terrible with all things that have to do with manual labor such as carpentry, etc.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Fashion, cool clothes, wine, expensive stuff. Dislikes: Dirt, work.


Contacts & Relations

Wardens of the Wayward. The Shard Keeper. The Students of The Shard Keeper.

Religious Views

The Gods are nothing but creatures of great power who abuse it whenever possible.

Mordollwen, The Goddess of Orphans, student of the Shard Keeper and one of the Founders of The Wardens of the Wayward

Current Location
The Shardscape
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The Shardscape
Black, Wide, No Iris Visible
Medium, straight, autumn
Known Languages
Common, Dwarvish, Auran, Elvish ( Elle'Lynde & Tretallery )


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