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City of Colsai

Once nothing more that a tribal village that has now become the center of a powerful kingdom.


City is mostly high and middle class with a small working class and even fewer people in poverty. The majority of the population is human and some dwarves and rarely those of other races. Nobles and some upper class live in the upper city while the middle and working class live in the lower city.


Strict order is kept in the city by the royal guards and all crimes are punished severely. The tax is fairly high but is made up for with the cities high wealth. The city government is entirety run by the nobles of Colsai rather than there being a separate municipal government.


Surrounding wall several meters thick and 3 layers of portcullis and gate. Secondary wall that separates the upper and lower city. Final wall surrounding the keep also known as castle Colsai.

Industry & Trade

Trade is a large part of the economy due to it's production center but it also stays afloat by taking taxes from the greater Colsai kingdom.


There is a large and sprawling sewer system, Aqueducts, fishery and large production center where hundreds of people work together to rapidly produce many different items.

Guilds and Factions

Is home to the headquarters of the Shadow Harvesters assassins guild. Small presence of the Brown Hoods thieves guild. It is common to be a good number of Silver Warriors in the city at any one time.


Started as a tribal village that was home to the first king which throughout his growth in power and reign he built it up into the city it is today.


The walls are made from dwarven granite along with the castle while the rest of the city is primarily made out of thatch covered in plaster taken from the riverbanks painted a dazzling variety of colors the brighter and rare the color the higher status.


Built next to the river which the aqueduct takes from as well the sewer dumps into it down stream. It is built partly onto a hill giving the upper city much higher ground than that of the lower city.

Natural Resources

Outside the city there are massive farms which help along with the fishers supply the city with food.
Alternative Name(s)
The Capital, Homeland, and Colsai
32 000
Inhabitant Demonym

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