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The Wola

Large desert that expands the base of the Albany mountains. Too inhospitable to create any real settlements. As of current there are no official settlements within this region.


The Wola.jpg
Western edge of the Wola, with the Pasmio exiting its valley region.   Encompassing the steep mountains of the Albany, this large desert is home to only the extremophiles of Rhydar, as its hot temperatures and very little rainfall year round make it a very difficult location to survive in.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the flora and fauna of this region can be found around the few oases that scatter the desert. The Pasmio river finds its source at the edge of the region that gets consistent rainfall.  

Wola Raiders

Wola Raider using their PrimRose flare.   Groups of raiders and bandits spend their lives surviving around one of the oasis as they wait for innocent bypassers or tourists through the area to raid their belonging. Also due to their unpredictability and combat prowess in the desert, the surrounding districts, the Rhosaya, Dayara, and Viansa, all watch their Wola borders for any raiders who try to invade any of their district territory.

Natural Resources

by SilverbladeTE
One of the few oases of the Wola.   Very little resources can be found in this vast desert, as most of the raiders who live within the desert either have to travel outside the Wola to find food/water or stay around one of the oases that are very few and hard to find.
Alternative Name(s)
Death Valley, Aimie Ara
Owning Organization


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