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Armor has 5 levels. Similar to the Dark Souls method. Armor can be cloth, light, medium, and heavy. These types of armor give bonuses to speed, dodge, counter attack, and block respectively. Then they can be -1, +0, +1, +2, or +3. Or called novice, apprentice, adept, expert, and master. Armor that are Artifacts may have other bonuses.   The different types of armor have effects on the character's modifier. The armor gives a benefit or a drawback for every 2 points of that armor. For example, wearing 4 pieces of light armor that is +1, gives a total of +4. This means that Dodge is increased by 2 but Counter Attack is decreased by 2 as well. See the table below for details on the Benefits and Drawbacks of armor:
Armor Type Benefit (for every 2 points) Drawback (for every two points)
Cloth Increase Speed by 1 Die Step Reduce Block by Modifier 1
Light Increase Dodge Modifier by 1 Reduce Counter Attack Modifier by 1
Medium Increase Counter Attack Modifier by 1 Reduce Dodge Modifier by 1
Heavy Increase Block Modifier by 1 Reduce Speed by 1 Die Step
Armor can be crafted using raw materials. Each region of Rhunec has unique materials for crafting and this determines what the final armor looks like. For more information, please see Smithing Mechanic .   Below is a list of the armor in Rhunec, the price, what it modifies, and the base requirement for equipping the armor. The level of the armor increases the price of the armor by 50%, no change, 100% increase (double), 200% increase (triple) and 300% increase (quadruple). So you take the modifier, multiply it by the price, then add that to the original price.   Shields add to the Arms value on a character sheet to increase either block or counter attack. When using a shield, only one handed weapons can be used.   

Armor Types and Details

List of the different armors available in Rhunec along with weights and prices.

Armor TypeCost at MerchantImprovesWeight
Cloth Hood315 stellasSpeed0.5 lb.
Cloth Robe525 stellasSpeed2 lb.
Cloth Bracers420 stellasSpeed0.5 lb.
Cloth Boots420 stellasSpeed1 lb.
Light Helmet450 stellasDodge1 lb.
Light Armor1050 stellasDodge4 lb.
Light Bracers600 stellasDodge1 lb.
Light Boots600 stellasDodge2 lb.
Medium Helmet450 stellasCounter Attack2 lb.
Medium Armor1200 stellasCounter Attack8 lb.
Medium Bracers675 stellasCounter Attack2 lb.
Medium Boots675 stellasCounter Attack4 lb.
Medium Shield600 stellasCounter Attack3 lb.
Heavy Helmet675 stellasBlock4 lb.
Heavy Armor1425 stellasBlock16 lb.
Heavy Bracers1125 stellasBlock4 lb.
Heavy Boots1125 stellasBlock8 lb.
Heavy Shield825 stellasBlock5 lb.

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