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Incredibly strong, durable, and reliable, Firben are the prized beasts of burden across the islands of Revne. From their home in the deserts of Sulwyn to the crowded dockview streets of Chalon, these massive six-legged lizards serve as a primary means of transporting goods across short or long distances alike. And with a lifespan of twenty-five years, Firben are just as likely to be named, fondly cared for, and kept as companions.

Basic Information


Typical adult Firben have been recorded at lengths between 12 and 16 feet long, 6 to 8 feet wide, and up to 6 feet in height. While they lack the speed of horses, the Firben's make up for their slower pace with an impressive strength even relative to their size. Their six muscled legs and wide flat backs allow for the creatures to carry weights exponential to their other beast of burden counterparts.

Growth Rate & Stages

Firben mature relatively slowly, often hatching from their eggs as small as six to eight inches and spending the first eight years maturing to adulthood in which they can safely bear cargo for a few miles at a time. By the age of ten years, a Firben is considered fully grown and can handle loads several times its own weight. The average lifespan of a domesticated Firben is twenty-five years, though studies in their natural environments suggest the creatres may live up to thirty or thirty-five years out of captivity.

Ecology and Habitats

Preferring warmer climates, Firben are found in their natural habitats throughout the island of Sulwyn and were frequently used for transport in the kingdom of Vauraus and were a familiar sight within the city walls of Anathema. Though the desert suits their preferences, Firbens are able to thrive and work in most regions which don't see consistent snowfall.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Though technically omnivores in their natural diets, most domesticated Firebens are fed a rich diet of nutrient-dense crops and legumes high in protein to continue their muscular development and manage their energy consumption.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Known to be creatures of some intellect and particularly powerful memories, Firbens have been known to bond to those they travel with, preferring familiar company and companions over constant change or turnover. Thus, it is not uncommon for Firbens to be paired with trading companies and even specific crews for the fifteen year window of their working lives.
Conservation Status
Though not endangered of extinction, the species is carefully bred and their population is closely observed to ensure their invaluable services remain available should the industrial trade of the region ever return to its full strength.


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