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Nadi Pie

Nadi pie is a dish that originated on the planet Trenise and has been imported to many others by Qu'ma'ings. It is particularly popular on Bo Kae.   It is considered a classic comfort food, a "family" food, traditionally served when a family comes together. There are many variations on the original recipe, tailored to regional ingredients and dietary requirements.  

Original Recipe

  In the version invented on Trenise, the filling is a mixture of meat, seafood and vegetables, varying according to seasonality and regional popularity. Cheaper cuts of meat are most popular, as the cooking method makes even the toughest parts appetising. The pastry on the top is latticed and, unlike the base, lightly spiced. The sauce inside is made by boiling down stock and adding cream and concentrated purple tea.  

Bo Kae Recipe

  The nadi pie on Bo Kae, sometimes known as Trenise pie or tea pie, has a closed top and all the pastry is spiced, more strongly than the original recipe. The spices vary by region, but are usually a mixture of sweet and mildly hot. Game meat is popular, as is daiok, a small amphibian eaten in many cultures on Bo Kae. Invertebrates can also be used, most commonly by Pryals but not exclusively. The sauce is made with either purple or silver tea concentrate, or a leaf tea infusion. Fresh herbs and/or edible flower petals are sometimes added. In Modi and some other countries where Modian cuisine has had an influence, fruits can be used as well as or instead of vegetables. Fungi is also particularly popular.  

Dietary Varieties

  Many vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian versions of nadi pie exist on many planets. Some versions use an all-vegetable filling; others use whatever meat and/or substitutes are popular in the culture.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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