The leader of the family has always been the leader of the company, for the company is the family and the family is the company. It never has been a strickt father-son-grandson order of succession. Leadership has made side steps and skipped generations when necesary.


1762, Arend and Hendrik Dijkstra peat transport by ship to Groningen City was founded by the two brothers, Arend (1722-1791) & Hendrik Dijkstra (1738-1793).
1768, Expanded the company fleet to three ships.
1770, Renamed the company to: Trading for Profit Shipping Company.
1793, Grietje Dijkstra (1772-1836) takes over the leadership after her father Hendrik dies (Arend died two years before)
1802, The company expands to sea trade.
1830, Arend Hendrik Dijkstra (1794-1850) Oldest son of Grietje becomes head of the TPSC
1850, Hansje Grietjesdochter Dijkstra (1800-1890) takes over after her brother unexpectidly dies.
1862, 100 year TPSC
1870, After 50 years as president, Hansje resigns and her son Dirk Dijkstra (1822-1891) is now in charge.
1891, Disaster. Dirk and his brother Arend (1822-1891) Do not make it home after a sailing trip.
1891, Maria Cathelijne Dijkstra (1866-1960), only daughter of Arend is now in charge.
1941, Dirk-Jan Dijkstra (1920-1999), grandson of Maria Cathelijne is chosen to continue.
1962, 200 year TPSC
1980, Anthon Ferdinand Dijkstra (1946-xxxx) takes over from his father.
1990, Hugo Dijkstra(1974-xxxx) starts working for TPSC.
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