Ignition is a one of the lowest ranked spells of the Primordial of Fire, typically learned by mages at the beginning of their journey. It's harmless for one's sanity and corporeal stability, while being quite useful - even against much stronger entities - when cornered by something in melee. It's only significant downside - the one normal for most of Primordial of Fire's magic - is that it causes physical damage, making it mostly useless against incorporeal enemies. Against human and other physicla threats it tends to do its job well enough.


Ignition works by geneting a burst of fire from caster's palms. The size and range of the attack depends on factors such caster's will, the level of attention he has from the Primordial of Fire and artifacts they carry. It ranges from one to three meters in length, except for some extreme circumstances. The fire's temperature also varies depending on same factors, normally being anywhere between 600 and 1100 degrees Celsius.

Side/Secondary Effects

Ignition flares up fire from your palms. Depending on the achieved temperature and whether it was used once or multiple times in a row, the sideeffects vary from first to third degree burns. In exchange, casting the spell doesn't damage sanity or your corporeal stability. Whether it's better or worse than other entry-level spells depends on whom you ask.

Related Deity/Higher Power
Material Components
None, theoretically. it is highly recommend to carry everything you need to deal with burns on you when planning to use it.

Related Element
Effect Casting Time
3-4 Seconds
1-3 Meters
First Circle


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