Primordial of Fire

Primordial of Fire is one of the Powers, the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. It is unknown how it looks, however some of the more abstract treatises suggest that Primordial of Fire IS fire. And whenever you see even the tiniest flame caused by even the most mundane of means, you are seeing a small tendril of the Primordial of Fire's nature manifesting within the Material Reality.   As a result, its exact location is unknown. It is unknown if it even has a location - if it is an abstract personification of the concept of fire, it is less an entity and more the sum of all fires that ever were, are, or will be born (and extinguished) throughout the multiverse.   It is categorized as a Primordial due to its absolute moral neutrality and the connection to the natural elements. Primordial of FIre cares little about the lives of mortals or the universe at all. All it seeks is to burn things as a normal fire does. What exactly it burns and whether there is a reason behind is irrelevant to it. Like other Primordials, it is also rather easy on sanity and corporeal stability of the humans, at the exchange of being a major risk to their bodies in the most mundane of ways.

Tenets of Faith

Primordial of Fire does not have cults. It is way too disinterested in the affairs of mortals (and, in fact, probably as mindless as a cosmic entity can be). There are cases of a group of Initiates focused on unlocking its deeper secrets, but no actual worship is typically involved. Instead, it is a simple trade exchange - burning things (and thus spreading the 'influence' of fire and the Primordial itself) for power. That is typically then used to burn more things.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Primordials
Aliases: Firegod, First Flame.
Alignment: Neutral [X]

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