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Ancient of Malice

Ancient of Malice is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. Uniquely among not just the Ancients but all of the Powers, his spells are few but powerful. The only way to get them is to be a highly successful cultist of Malice.

To even consider becoming a cultist of Malice is considered an act of great evil. Actually being one results in the immediate termination of whatever human rights you have. No one likes Malice cultists. They are the most reviled of all types of Initiates and even the Cultists of the other Ancients hates them and help wipe them out if they show up.

The reason for this is due to the Ancient of Malice literally embodying evil, hatred, and all other things malevolent. To willingly follow such a god says a lot about the follower as a person.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Torture instruments and anything else that symbolises pain and suffering.

Tenets of Faith

The Cults of Malice are the worst of the worst. Their fundamental philosophy is to inflict pain and suffering on everybody else. The more anguish they can make their victims suffer, the better.

No surprise then that they recruit from the worst scum of human society. Serial killers, gleeful arsonists, violent assaulters, vicious criminals, for as long as their motive for hurting others is for inflicting pain itself, they are a potential recruit for a Cult of Malice.

Their activities makes them one of the worst potential threats of human-origin. National Agencies make it a priority to weed them out if they so much as suspect one is active. Malice Cults are so feared and despised that there is a documented incident of War and Strife Cultists and Lesser Aberrants ceasing hostilities long enough to work together to deal with a Malice Cult before going back to fighting each other once that was done.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: Broken King, God of Evil.
Alignment: Malevolent [Max - They literally embody it]  

Aligned Entities





Aligned Spells

Lore Of Malice



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